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    Storing your items in a storage unit is an excellent choice! That is if you want to free up more space in your house. Or you simply need to store away certain belongings during the relocation. And also if you have items that need to be stored somewhere more secured. Then a garage or basement. However, there are some items that are sensitive to temperature changes. So those may be damaged if they are stored in regular self-storage. For these types of belongings, you need to get a climate controlled storage unit. Be sure to learn more about items that require climate-controlled storage. The moving companies NH can help you store your items properly.

    Climate-controlled storage unit

    There are special types of storage units. Climate controlled is the one. Because the temperature inside these units is strictly maintained. Usually at 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. While a regular storage unit doesn’t maintain the temperature. And it can be located outdoors. But the climate-controlled storage units are exclusively indoors. These types of storage units are specially designed. For items that are sensitive to environmental conditions. Or for those with great value. Since stable temperatures can provide better protection against damage. This becomes even more important. If you’re storing your belongings long-term. In case that you need short term storage, you can always contact the right moving company.

    Items that require climate-controlled storage

    Now you know what is climate-controlled storage. Let’s see what items you should store in there. You can put the items such as:

    • Special furniture
    • Collections and family heirlooms
    • Wine collection
    • Musical instruments
    • Household appliances
    • Important documents
    • Artwork
    • Electronics

    If you have any questions you can always consult moving companies in Dover NH about storing your items.


    We all know that wood tends to warp. And crack when it is exposed to moisture. So, your wooden furniture should be kept in climate-controlled storage. Such as tables and chairs, nightstands, tables, decor, and other similar pieces of furniture. Especially if you’re not planning on taking them out for a long time. You can always hire Durham NH movers to help you with putting bulky items. Such as furniture.

    Collections and family heirlooms are items that require climate-controlled storage

    This is another reason why a climate-controlled storage unit is perfect. Because the purpose of your collections is to maintain the quality. So those need to be stored under controlled conditions. Items such as jewelry, currencies, cards, and other collectibles can be protected from damage. By using long-term climate control conditions. So, you can avoid storing your coin collection in the house. Or even inside a regular storage unit. This is important. Because without a consistent temperature, coins can oxidize and turn dark.

    Items that require climate-controlled storage

    Wine collection

    It is good to know that temperature fluctuations can absolutely degrade items. By accelerating its aging pace. And as a result, incorrectly stored wine can lose its’ good taste. It is distasteful. And you will also waste all the time and money that you’ve invested into your wine collection. Hence you need to avoid spoilage. In order to support proper wine aging, you should put your wine collection in a climate-controlled unit. Because it will provide a consistently cool temperature.

    Wine bottles
    Wine collection should also be in a climate-controlled storage unit

    Musical instruments

    Musical instruments are very delicate items. Those should be stored in climate-controlled conditions. Wheater you need to store for a short or long duration. For instance, musical instruments such as the piano can be damaged by humidity. And temperature fluctuations too. Also, the strings of guitars will easily snap under the wrong climate conditions. High temperatures can damage the adhesives that hold it together. When it comes to woodwinds instruments, they need a specific level of humidity. Which is at 40-55%. Because, less than that, the parts made of wood can shrink and crack. But, too much humidity can cause the pads for oboes, clarinets, and flutes to expand and swell. Which can make them uneasy to play. Remember that moisture can cause mold to build up inside these musical instruments.

    Guitar on a hammock
    Make sure to store your musical instruments properly

    Household Appliances

    Household appliances should also be stored properly. Because the mechanical and electronic parts are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Too hot or too cold temperatures can cause these parts to crack. Which leads to permanent damage. Remember that humidity can also cause mold and mildew to grow inside appliances’ inner mechanisms.

    Important documents are types of items that require climate-controlled storage

    If you have a lot of paperwork you should use climate-controlled storage. Because storing your documents properly will prevent them from damage. For instance, you can evade damages. Because your papers can get dissolved, discolored, and faded. Or rotted due to humidity. So, you should protect your paperwork. By putting them under climate control. And the monthly storage fee is considerably more cost-effective. Then replacing your inventory.


    If you want your artwork to stay in an ideal state, you need to store them properly. A perfect environment for the artwork is at 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. With around 50% humidity. So, you can find these conditions in climate-controlled storage units. Besides your artwork, you also need to take special care of your craft supplies. In order to maintain their quality. For example, the fabric is vulnerable to moisture and UV exposure.

    Electronics are items that require climate-controlled storage

    Electronic components are very vulnerable to moisture. And also to major temperature shifts. Because the internal components can easily fall apart. If they are exposed to heat and cold. For example, professional audio equipment can break down due to moisture. Hence regular self-storage is not a good option to keep your electronics in good working condition.  Keep in mind that electronics need special conditions. Such as recording equipment, computers, and televisions. Hence the climate-controlled storage is the best option. In order to prevent rust from developing. And wiring from breaking down. These are other items that require climate controlled storage.


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