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    Relocating and having to live between homes can be very tough. Especially if most of your time preparing to move is spent trying to find out how you’ll survive the transition. But moving doesn’t have to be that hard. You should make the whole moving process easier for you and your family. That’s why we recommend using temporary storage. So it is a great way to bridge the gap between homes. If you use home storage, it will offer you a practical solution. In order to help to smooth out the stress, you can take your time and pack at your own pace. While you’re trying and taking time to get settled. Check out our guide below for helpful moving and storage tips. We at Fit 2 Move will offer you advice on how to use temporary storage between homes in NH!

    Use your temporary storage between homes in NH

    The moving process can be very complicated. Especially when you’re not moving directly to your new home. In the process, you might need to put your belongings in temporary storage. In order for the whole process to go easier, you should consider these facts about using temporary storage:

    • What will you need to store
    • Declutter your furniture before storage
    • Consider packing services
    • Prepare for your moving day

    With the right moving companies Portsmouth NH you will have all the necessary information about storing your belongings.

    What to store

    The first step is to organize yourself. That means to sort your belongings. And decide what is going where. Perhaps, some items will stay with you at your temporary accommodation. In that case, you should include bringing clothes and essentials you use day to day, to bring with you. The rest of your items will be taken to the storage facility. Be sure to make a list. It should be a quick list of all the items you’ll need for your temporary home. So separate them while you are packing. See if there are some items that should be placed at short term storage and separate them accordingly.

    Woman packing black shoes
    You should what to store and how to use your temporary storage between homes in NH

    Declutter and use temporary storage between homes in NH

    If you have big and bulky pieces of furniture, you should declutter them. Hence it is always a good idea to declutter when you’re moving between houses. As it means you will only pay for the cost of removals for items you really want to take with you. Also, decluttering ahead of relocation using a storage facility is even more important. Because weekly storage charges are typically based on the space that you will use. If you declutter, it can help keep your storage costs to a minimum. And you will need every cent for your relocation. So it is always wise to save your money if you can.

    Orange sofa
    Declutter your furniture before using your storage

    Packing services

    When using temporary storage between homes in NH, check out for services. Usually, you can get both packing and removal services for your items. However, you might also consider packing your items by yourself. Always consider the type of items you have to relocate. Calculate how much time you will need for the packing. And find out the length of time that your items might be in storage. After you consider these facts, weigh up the right option for you. Especially if you need commercial services. In that case, ask commercial movers for help. If you have decided to do your own packing, you need to find out if packing materials can be provided.  And also if that packing material can be arranged to be delivered in advance. There are packing boxes are specially designed for this purpose. Those are stronger than the boxes you can get at the supermarket.

    Prepare for your relocation day

    It is always a good idea to get labels. They can help you to identify what items go where. Try to get stickers for labeling. Mark the boxes with storage and direct move. It will help label furniture and boxes. So the workers will know what to take to storage and what to deliver directly.  Another good idea is to label boxes with the room. And get some idea of contents to make unpacking easier. You should make sure that you’ve completed any tasks you are responsible for the night before the relocation. For instance, dismantling any furniture or taking down pictures. That will help you relocate easier and faster.

    Stack of boxes
    Prepare well for your relocation day

    Benefits of placing items in temporary storage between homes in NH

    You should know that temporary storage gives you flexibility. And, most importantly, peace of mind. Because you will have a lot on your mind for the relocation. Also, your schedule may change. So it is advisable to get a flexible contract timeline. You may choose other storage options. Such as a relative’s basement. But it is always better to have professionals with you. They can also take care of the heavy lifting. And also they’ll pack and prepare your belongings for storage. As well as carrying your belongings in and out as needed. You should know that a temporary storage facility seals your possessions from different conditions. Hence you don’t need to worry about moisture, dirt, or curious critters. In private storage, you’ll be the only one with access to your belongings.

    When temporary storage makes sense for your move

    If your move-out and move-in days overlap, then you may not need to use storage at all. However, timing doesn’t always work out so perfectly. But when there’s a gap between those two important days, or you need some extra time for cleaning and renovations, storage becomes a necessity. Or perhaps your new home might be undergoing some maintenance work. Also if you’re downsizing, you may also be in need of temporary storage. By placing bulky furniture in storage, you’ll have plenty of space to settle in. And without having to throw away anything prematurely. Also, it is always good to check temporary housing options before using temporary storage between homes in NH.

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