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    The following terms and conditions exemplify how Fit 2 Move operates when it comes to moving and storage services that we offer to customers. We kindly ask that you read carefully through the following terms of using our services before scheduling our services:


    All online estimates are approximate, and not guaranteed. We base them on our aggregate experience serving similar residencies. Every move is unique in nature.


    Determined based on the details provided by you during the online or telephone quote intake. Factors such as the presence of stairs or elevators, distance from the residence to the truck parking area, transportation time, etc. affect the service time.

    Service Minimums

    Our team of NH movers has set minimums that must be met for service to begin. Most of the sub-peak days require 3 hours minimum in order to be scheduled. Saturdays and jobs in certain cities and peak-days require 4 hours minimum. Ask our booking agent what date we can offer you in order to qualify for 3 hours minimum.

    Assembly & Disassembly 

    We will assemble and disassemble furniture such as tables and beds as needed. Each of our vehicles carries tools and drills necessary for such tasks.

    Furniture Protection  

    Fit 2 Move will protect all furniture as needed. Moving pads/blankets, packing tape, and plastic wrap are provided with each move.

    Tolls & Street Meters 

    Unless flat-rate estimates are provided, local tolls and street parking meters are to be paid by the customer.

    Parking Tickets 

    Parking to be arranged by the customer. Tickets accrued due to the absence of parking permits and lack of adequate parking are to be paid by the customer.


    Basic Coverage is included in each local move as defined by requirements of the NH Public Utilities Commission. Should you purchase this separate coverage, all claims will be handled by the Moving Insurance chosen by you.

    High-Value Items & Perishables 

    We would like you to identify all items that have values higher than $100 per pound. These items will be identified on our inventory list. Items that traditionally fit this definition include antiques, electronics, and collectible items or souvenirs. We are not responsible for perishables or items such as laptops, cell phones, iPods, iPods, jewelry, stamps, letters, medications, semi-precious and precious stones, collectibles, and anything of similar nature, and urge you to arrange the transportation of these items on your own.

    Water Lines & Gas Lines

    Fit 2 Move is not an appliance company. We do not provide or carry liability coverage for the re-connection of water and gas lines, pipes, and faucets. In the event when customers insist on the re-connection of such lines, it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that lines of washers, dryers, refrigerators, and faucets are connected properly to avoid accidents.

    Particle Board Furniture 

    Our movers will maximize the protection of your furniture during the moving process. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damage done to press-board or compressed particle furniture, because the furniture of that type was not built to stand up to vibration and pressure that occurs during the move. Items that are notorious for damage when transported as a whole (assembled) unit include particle-board furniture manufactured by Ikea. Additionally, bulky bed frames, TV/entertainment centers, and kitchen cabinets are prone to damage, unless taken apart. The only safe method of transportation of such furniture is to dis-assemble it into individual pieces.

    Walls & Hardwood Floors

    Our NH moving company will move heavy and bulky items such as Gun Safes, Appliances, Refrigerators, and pianos, as long as it can be performed safely. Additionally, we are frequently asked to move oversized furniture in narrow and tight hallways. Unfortunately, damage may result in floor and wall surfaces. If you wish to take this risk Fit 2 Move will not be responsible for the damage.

    Musical Instruments 

    Fit 2 Move is experienced in relocating pianos and organs, appliances, grandfather clocks, etc. However, no liability shall be provided for the mechanical or electrical derangement of pianos, radios, phonographs, clocks, refrigerators, television sets, automatic washers, or other instruments or appliances unless evidenced by external damage to such equipment.

    Supplementary Charges 

    Applicable charges are for: packing materials, heavy and bulky items, gun safes, overnight and in-transit storage, double the driving time, and tolls.


    Payment is due in full upon completion of the move. Our movers accept cash or credit/debit cards. The client or a significant other must be present during the move and final inspection. The primary cardholder must be present to sign the receipt on the credit card slip.


    Fit 2 Move is dedicated to the safety of our employees. A crew leader for each individual move will determine the safety of each procedure. We are frequently asked to perform tasks that might seem physically impossible to do and often are not safe. In this situation, we reserve a right to refuse to perform such services due to safety concerns. Fit 2 Move will not assume liability for damages related to unusual moving procedures, including but not limited to, rotating items on the ends other than the supporting legs, overcrowded areas, complex staircases, sharp edges in hallways and doorways, hoisting and lowering items from the balconies, and weather-related damage.

    Rushing & Hovering 

    If Fit 2 Move crews are pressured to rush, work will cease until such pressure is eliminated. Although our crews work as hard and efficiently as possible, the safety of your belongings and our employees is paramount.


    Tipping is not required but highly appreciated. It is customary to tip movers, upon satisfaction with the service. The tipping amount may vary based on the size, type, and move destination.

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