Tips for packing your kitchen for a local move

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    A local move is never an easy task. With other things on your mind, you need to think about moving every single item, from every single room in your old home. Anyone who has ever moved a house knows that packing the kitchen is the hardest part of the entire process. Apart from a large number of individual items to remove from cupboards and drawers, the most difficult thing is that there are numerous breakable and irregularly shaped goods. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! Our professionals at Fit 2 Move will help you speed up the process, and approach it with a strategy that allows you to function normally and pack up your kitchen in no time. Read on to check some useful advice, and prepare yourself for packing your kitchen for a local move.

    Choose the right packing supplies

    When it comes to packing a kitchen, having the correct supplies is crucial. Dishes and other breakables will require a variety of boxes and protective materials. If you are not sure which packing material to use, local movers NH are there to help you. You will never have to worry about the safety of your items, as professional movers can provide plenty of high-quality packing supplies for you. Choose from the following:

    • Boxes– we offer a range of sizes, including large, medium, and small boxes. Small appliances and other lightweight and odd-shaped things will work well in a large box. Heavy items should be packed in medium boxes. Heavy-duty boxes are ideal for fragile items, such as glassware.
    • Packing paper– use our unprinted paper that comes in large sheets. It is perfect for wrapping fragile goods, so they don’t get damaged when moved or stored.
    • Bubble wrap– just like packing paper, this one is used for packing fragile items exclusively, as it is a bit more expensive.
    • Glass dividers– dividers come in handy when you transport stemware and glasses, such as vases. They are available in a variety of sizes, to fit various boxes.
    • Packing tape– we only offer high-quality tapes. Because you’ll be using it a lot, buying in bulk is a good idea.
    • Markers– label boxes using a dark-colored marker. Labeling the box will help you stay organized and remember what’s inside. Make sure to add fragile if necessary.
    A man and a woman with boxes
    Choose the proper packing supplies for packing your kitchen for a local move

    Declutter your home before packing your kitchen for a local move

    Before you start packing, clear your home. There is no point in keeping every single item that you don’t need or use. Examine each cabinet and drawer, and discard damaged things. Another idea is that you can always donate gently worn items if you are not planning to take them with you. However, if you still want to keep some big items, and feel too emotional to throw them away, you need short term storage NH. Our storage units come in various sizes and are ideal for everyday situations or big events. With experts on your side, you will organize your new home and remove chaos quickly and easily. We guarantee top-notch services combined with affordable prices.

    Pack large items with care

    Packing large kitchen items, such as appliances or dishes, may be quite challenging. They are massive, heavy, and occupy a lot of space. Without the proper equipment and assistance, packing these items seems like an impossible task. It’s best if you have the original boxes for your appliances, but we usually throw them away. If you contact residential movers NH, you will get an extraordinary experience for packing your large items. Our goal is to provide affordable packing materials, with maximum protection and outstanding treatment. Not only are we going to pack and move your stove, cupboards, and refrigerators, but also unplug them, disconnect any hoses, and tape all doors shut ahead of time. Your appliances are safe in our hands.

    Kitchen appliances
    Large kitchen appliances and items may be troublesome to pack and carry around

    Find a reliable company to relocate your kitchen properly

    Have you decided to move your kitchen yet? If yes, you need to work on some logistics and find a reliable company to guide you through this long journey. Moving to NH will keep you on the right track. We can help you create a moving checklist to stay organized with your relocation arrangements. Making an inventory list will help you determine the number of your items in the kitchen. We will assist you from the very beginning of your adventure. Our experts will calculate how much packing material you need, and whether your environment is safe. You don’t have to worry that your kitchen relocation will become a disaster. With a reliable company, everything goes smoothly and effortlessly.

    Don’t forget to pack perishable food

    Just like in every kitchen, you probably have a lot of food, spices, and other ingredients that need to be packed. Don’t forget to empty your refrigerator and throw away the expired or gone-off food. Perishable food should not be with you if you travel a long distance. Tackle the spice cupboard and store all your spices in a box, wrapped with a tiny piece of paper. If you have some jars with the food you no longer want, you can make a donation pile for delivery to a local food bank. Make sure that everything is well sealed and put in a canvas grocery bag or medium box. If you want to bring some perishables with you, you can always use the cooler.

    A woman thinking about packing the kitchen for a local move
    Packing food should be a part of kitchen relocation, but it’s often tiring

    Final thoughts

    Relocating your kitchen might be a daunting task. With so many items to transport, it is not easy to find a proper container or packing supplies. Hiring a reliable company is a good choice for inexperienced movers. A checklist or a moving plan can greatly alleviate the process of kitchen relocation. Large items may be troublesome, but with proper care and assistance, they are easy to pack and move. Last but not least, food and ingredients are things you need to think about too. Many people find their kitchen hard to relocate. But if you follow all these tips, packing your kitchen for a local move might even turn into a fun experience.


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