The items you should never keep in your NH storage

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    Packing is a crucial part of every relocation. Along with good organization, packing goes fast and easy. However, sometimes there are belongings that we need to store properly. Usually, those are different pieces of furniture, bulky or fragile items. We store them because we don’t have enough space in our new home. Or simply because we don’t have time to transport them. And we want to pay special attention to those items and move them one by one. So they will be undamaged. However, there are certain items and household belonging that you should not keep in your storage. It doesn’t matter if you are relocating or you simply need a bit of extra space in your house. Yes, a storage unit can be a lifesaver. But there are items you should never keep in your NH storage. With Fit 2 Move get to know what you should keep and what you shouldn’t keep in your storage!

    Items you should never keep in your NH storage

    For instance, maybe you don’t have enough space for your grandma’s antiques. And, of course, you can’t bear to get rid of it. In that case, a storage unit seems like the ideal solution. You can stow away any family heirloom that you don’t have enough space for it. However, you must keep in mind that storage units are not always safe. Also, not all storage units have air conditioning. Which can be bad for some temperature-sensitive items. Those items can easily be damaged. Climate-controlled units are available and they will cost you. Don’t forget that your items in the storage unit can also be a target for thieves. Most storage units don’t have overnight managers. So, break-ins are in common. With all of this in mind, here are things you should never keep in your NH storage. In some cases, it is good to use short term storage for special items.

    Storage units

    Storage units come with certain rules to protect both the facility and the items in it. Don’t take storage units as your home. It may not be checked every day or every week. Or even every month in some cases. So if the problem occurs, it won’t be so easy to discover it on time. Pay extra care and caution should always be taken. In order to prevent problems, never store these items:

    • Artwork
    • Antique furniture
    • Electronics
    • Family heirlooms
    • Flammable items
    • Documents
    • Leather

    Pieces of art

    If you have beautiful pieces of art, think again if you want to put them in a storage unit. Those are usually considered very valuable. In price and also valuable for you. Generally, any item that you believe couldn’t be replaced, is valuable to you. So, don’t store any artwork. And, the best temperature for storing art could range from 70 to 75 degrees. If there are extreme temperatures, they can cause the canvas to shrink or expand. Hence it will be damaged. Also, it would be a good target for thieves.

    Abstract painting
    Never store items such as artwork

    Don’t store antique furniture

    Antique furniture is very hard to find. So they are usually very expensive. Just like any wooden musical instrument, so is this piece of furniture very susceptible to temperature. Very hot or cold conditions can cause to expand or shrink. Or even make delicate parts fall apart. Instead, consult with moving companies Portsmouth NH in order to move your antique furniture in a proper and safe way.

    Brown wooden chair

    Electronics are also one of the items you should never keep in your NH storage

    Keeping a computer, TV, or a camera for the future may seem like a good idea. But, stowing electronics in storage for a long period of time can be bad. It can cause the metal inside to erode. And also, if you know that you definitely won’t use those items, it is better to sell them. If electronics stay in a storage unit, dust and other small particles may get stuck inside of the items. For example, the solution for this may be to contact commercial movers if you need to relocate your office.

    Valuable family heirlooms

    Any belonging with sentimental value should not be kept in a storage unit. Because the conditions can cause photographs to turn yellow. Or the metal in rings and other jewelry can start to corrode. Those items should be maintained regularly. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can lead to mold. And also mildew. That can cause damage to family paintings, antiques, furniture, clothes, and jewelry. Any valuable item should be kept properly. If you don’t have enough space in your home, or if this is a temporary solution, ask for special storage. It should be a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Then, those items can be stored for a short period of time. It is a good idea to get insurance for all of your valuable items.

    Rings on a book
    Don’t store your valuable family heirlooms

    Important documents

    It may be a good idea to store your extra, but necessary documents. However, you should think again about this. We already mentioned that you can always use climate-controlled self storages. But, not all documents should be kept in a storage unit. Especially if those are your personal identity documents. Or any other documents that you will need for your new home. Documents like these should be kept close to your hands. It is preferable to keep them in a fireproof document safe in your house. This includes papers like birth certificates, passports (even old ones), medical records, marriage licenses, school records, and so on.

    Never store flammable items

    Items such as gasoline, ammunition, and fireworks should never be stored in a storage unit. Because of the heat and lack of ventilation. You know that it can cause an explosion. Check on your lease agreement what other items can be flammable.

    Storing your belonging

    You shouldn’t also store toxic and hazardous items. Those items, like paint cans, will cause disasters if there isn’t ventilation. Now, you know what items you should never keep in your NH storage. You can focus on storing the right items and preparing them accordingly for a storage unit.


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