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    Who and why moves to New Hampshire? To begin with, the community of New Hampshire has worked hard over the years to attract people from all over the U.S. In conclusion it has done an amazing job! New Hampshire is a growing community. Secondly, it stands as one of the most accepting and understanding communities around. Therefore, If you are wondering what are NH Moving Trends 2022 you are in the right place. On our top 10 list, you will find towns enchanting by nature. According to our reliable movers NH residents recommend if you are looking for a home you should follow up on our NH Moving Trends 2022. They will not be sorted in any specific order, and we are sure some will be left out, as NH now stands for a sanctuary during and after the pandemic.

    1. Concord, home to many artistic souls

    The capital city of New Hampshire is one of the smallest in the country! You get the perk of living in the capital city with the convenience of low commute time! Whit its astonishing State House covered with a gold dome overlooking the downtown, it is a fauteuil-like place to live in! We say this for more than one reason! Concord is a town deeply dedicated to the arts! Concord is home to the Center for the Arts! 

    A city that is greatly popular among tech workers who are tired of paying absurd rent prices in the nearby San Francisco.

    Woman in a hat sitting on a rock with mountains behind her, while thinking about NH Moving Trends 2022;
    Think about NH moving trends 2022 before you relocate!

    2. Next of Moving Trends 2022, Keene, home to astonishing Monadnock mountain

    Astonishing mountains are in many pictures from many NH surrounding villages, as they are the backdrop for the view. Cryptocurrency Activism is widely spread in the community and education around the topic is easily accessible! Multiple businesses accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. If you are looking for an open-minded community in 2022 this would be the trend to follow.

    3. Manchester, home to the Currier Museum of Art and the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra

    Also NH’s largest city, powerful enough to supply the world’s largest mill complexes the industrial revolution in the 20th century. Nicknamed Queen city and the mother of NH! Known for its affordable prices and many outdoor activities, it had been THE town during and after the pandemic! The town also has no state income or city sales tax!

    New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra playing music cello and violin
    Enjoy New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra!

    4. Rochester, home to the modern women’s rights movement

    Consequently famous as a place that houses some of the most welcoming people in the world! Rochester is known for having a job for everyone so settling and finding a job in the community would not be such a hard job.  If you make your decision and decide to move to Rochester we are sure that you will find the right movers Rochester NH as they are always on the clock! Susan B. Anthony is a woman who proudly called Rochester her home! In conclusion, this would be one of the trends to follow!

    5. North Conway where you can find kayaks to paddle in the Saco River

    Famous as New England’s ski town. This year we can mention that it has become a shopping outlet center in New Hampshire, this is even more interesting since the state does not sell tax! Hope you find this place Fit 2 Move.

    6. Exeter, a place where you can find a waterfall and stream trickling in the Exeter River

    Place where most residents are homeowners. Public schools are also highly rated, with their dense suburban feel it makes a perfect place to settle in with the family. Equally important, If you wish to do so, we are sure that you will find adequate help! Movers Exeter NH has are just one call away!  Whit’s low poverty rate we are sure Exeter will motivate you on your road to success.

    7. Hanover, nicknamed college town, on NH Moving Trends 2022 for a reason

    The Upper Valley is approximately two hours from Boston, four from New York City, and three hours from Montreal. Biomedical, engineering, and computer software research and development companies continue to emerge. In addition, The unemployment rate in the region has been low over the years. As a college town, Hanover enjoys a great many cultural and academic activities so we are sure you will not.

    Charming Concrete Buildings Under Blue and Clear Sky
    Explore your charming neighborhood!

    8. One more NH Moving Trend 2022, Laconia, New Hampshire’s single city on a lake! Lake Winnipesaukee!

    Known as a vibrant town, due to the hard work of its community. Furthermore, it is where  New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival is located every year. This is a wonderful place to call home. We are sure the town will be beyond your expectation.

    9. Somersworth, located at the center of NH’s fastest-growing region!

    If this aspect of location is something you appreciate Somersworth is a perfect town. Besides it being a place that offers great business opportunities, in addition,  it offers great health care. In conclusion, if you wish to start a business Somersworth may be on your list of choices. Therefore, movers Somersworth NH can lend you a hand with all your stuff and you can get ready to start a new life.

    10. Finally at number 10 is … an idea…

    If you cannot make a choice, and you wish to move to New Hampshire or travel, just take a map and point the finger blind-eyed three times! In addition.  refer back to our list to learn a bit more about the town at your fingertips! In addition, you can do it blindfolded with your partner or family. Make some amazing memories and a backstory to tell your new neighbors.

    three people choosing where to go by looking at the map, while thinking NH Moving Trends 2022;
    three people choosing where to go by looking at the map

    Moreover, we hope that we helped you find some interesting NH moving trends that people follow in 2022. We are curious to know where are you headed to. Where ever it may be we hope luck follows you along the way. NH Moving Trends 2022 will never fail to impress! Hope you found a suitable place to move to!


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