Moving to Maine – what to expect?

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    The moving process brings a lot of stress and chaos with it. When you move a long distance to an unfamiliar city it can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, finding out as much as you can about your moving destination is crucial if you want to get rid of that anxiety feeling before the move. Now, if you are moving to Maine you came to the right place to find out what to expect. Moreover, before we get into the details about the state of Maine, make sure that you hire a professional and reputable moving company like Fit 2 Move to help you relocate successfully. If you did not know, hiring reliable and experienced movers removes all the unwanted stress and anxiety from your relocation. Let us dive in and find out what to expect when you are moving to Maine.

    Things you need to know if you are moving to Maine

    Now, like every other state, there are some pros and cons of living in it. Whether something is a pro or a con can depend on the person that is moving. Let us start on a positive note and look at some of the advantages of moving to Maine:

    • Safe – according to the rankings provided by the United States News & World Report, the state of Maine is currently ranked in second place by its crime rate. Which makes it a perfect place to start a family or just enjoy the peace this beautiful state offers.
    • Low living cost – the average house cost across the whole of Maine state is around 200,000 US dollars which is less expensive than the nation’s average. However, there are some places like Portland where the average house price is around 340,000 US dollars.
    • Breathtaking coastline– together with islands off the shore the state of Maine has about 5,000 miles of coastline. The breathtaking coastline includes seaside cliffs, lighthouses, and beautiful sunsets you can see. Thus, if you love nature moving to Maine is the right choice for you.
    • Low unemployment rate– Maine is in the top ten states when it comes to the unemployment rate, it has only 3%. Finding a job in this state should not be a problem for anyone, regardless of their education.
    The picture of a seaside cliff you can see after moving to Maine
    Moving to Maine is a great choice if you like to connect with nature and the ocean

    What are the disadvantages of moving to Maine?

    No state is completely perfect for living and if it was it would not be much fun. Sometimes the disadvantages combined with advantages add up to a perfect state for some. While others keep on searching for a different state that is perfect for them. On that note, you can hire the best movers York ME has to offer to help you relocate. Now, there are some disadvantages of moving to Maine as well, they are the following:

    • Weather conditions– the climate in this state is characterized by snowy, cold winters and mild summers. The average winter temperature in the south is around 25°F while in the north part of the state it can get as low as 15°F. There is a lot of snow during the winter months. Before you move here make sure that you are ready for long and cold winters.
    • Job market – even though it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States of America, the job market in the state of Maine is designed mostly for blue-collar workers. Most of the available jobs are minimum wage jobs.
    • Population– the state of Maine is known as the oldest state in the country. Because the population mostly consists of the older generation.  This combined with the jobs that are available equals that not a lot of young generations see Maine as a desirable place to move to. So, if you are looking for top places for families in Maine do your research. However, do not worry, there are plenty of family-friendly cities in Maine.
    • Old-fashioned state– Maine has not changed at all in the past years because there are no young generations. There is pretty much no ethnic diversity in this state so if you are looking to eat some Chinese, Thai, or Indian food you will probably stay hungry.
    • Internet– apart from the state’s capital the internet connection can be very slow. Therefore, if you need good internet for your work make sure to move to the state’s capital.
    A man standing in front of white moving van
    Hiring professional movers for your Maine relocation is a must if you want to have a successful move

    Acadia National Park – the gem of the state

    Maine is a paradise for nature lovers, with an abundance of colorful and stunning natural places. This is best demonstrated in the well-known Acadia National Park, where visitors from all over the country come to enjoy gorgeous hiking routes, bike trails, and campgrounds.

    If you wish to visit this lovely park at any time of the year, you may get an annual pass for $50, which allows you to visit at any time of the year. One-time park passes generally cost roughly $25, so this is a fantastic price. What are you waiting for? Hire the best movers Wells ME has to offer and enjoy the beautiful nature Maine has to offer.  However, every dollar is well worth it since this is one national park you must visit if you want to witness nature at its most gorgeous.

    When you visit Acadia National Park, make sure to visit the very famous town along the shore called Bar Harbour. This small town has a population of around 5,000 people. However, it is a very popular destination for tourists. You can eat tasty seafood and enjoy the view of the coast at some of the many beautiful restaurants along the shore.

    Wooden path in a green forest
    Everyone must visit the Acadia National Park to truly understand its beauty

    The bottom line of what to expect if you are moving to Maine

    The state is rich in forests, parks, greenery, outstanding seafood, rocky seashore, and possibilities. Maine is a popular destination for anyone looking for work, a change of pace, as well as young professionals, and those trying to start a family. Make sure to hire a professional moving company in order to start your relocation journey on the right foot. Good luck with the move!

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