How to spend your first week after relocating to Dover

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    Great news, you’re moving to Dover but you don’t know what to do after you move.  Moving is a hard and complex process that most people have to go through at least once. As one of the most reliable movers NH has on offer, we are here to help you relocate and talk about how to spend your first week after relocating to Dover.  Since we know the city and pre, during and post-moving issues let us explore together the first days in Dover. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in!

    The first thing you should do is explore the city of Dover

    The city of Dover has a population of 32,741 and it’s the biggest city in New Hampshire. One of the most popular attractions here is the  Woodman Institute Museum. Another interesting is the St. Thomas Episcopal Church which was built in the 19th century. If you have kids visit the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire there you can find interesting things like dinosaurs, the cosmos, music arts, etc. You can visit the 26-acre Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve if you’re a fan of nature. If you’re looking for a place to eat since you’ve just arrived visit Patty B’s. It’s a traditional Italian restaurant. You can enjoy some of these activities while the local movers NH are unpacking your things.

    How to spend your first week after relocating to Dover? Star unpacking and cleaning

    Okay after you’ve done all the sightseeing you should start to unpack. Some moving companies Dover NH may offer you this service while some don’t have it. If you’re not sure do you need it or not think in terms of time as your most valuable currency. So if you want to spend your time doing anything else take the pros to do their job. After all, they’re well-trained and highly skilled professionals who can do the whole moving relocation in no time which includes moving, packing, unpacking, storing, etc. In the meantime, you can do more work and earn some extra money while the movers do their job.

    The family spends their first week after relocating to Dover by unpacking things in the kitchen;
    If you want to spend your time with your family, hire moving professionals to unpack you fast.

    Now when it comes to cleaning most people prefer to do it even before they reach their new house. If this is the case then hire some cleaning professionals to clean the place for you. You can also check out our blog section since we have a lot of articles about moving, packing, storing, cleaning, and even the prices of local moves in Dover.  But we advise you to contact us for any other moves if you have to move something rather big like a piano or a big sofa. Since these giant things can be damaged easily plus you can hurt your back or damage your property. For real pros, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to pack the three-bedroom house. While it only takes one or one and a half hours to load or unload things from the truck.

    Spend your first week decluttering your new home after relocating to Dover

    First things first, after you’ve relocated and you’ve unpacked do the second “decluttering”.  What it means is that you should once again decide to do with some things that didn’t fit with your new home or you just can’t fit them in. The simplest way to do this is to decide whether to:

    • Donate
    • Sell
    • Recycle
    • Throw away
    • Store

    Now a lot of companies offer short term storage, long-term storage, etc. which is great if you don’t know what to do with some stuff. Because if you think of it maybe you’ll need short term storage since you’ll change your mind in a week or a month, and you would just love that painting that you put away earlier in your storage. Weather-controlled storage is also a great way to preserve some of your most beloved memories like old books, furniture, valuable paintings, etc. They’re also not that expensive but are safe and well-protected. Donating is again a generous act if you want to do this. On the other hand, the post-pandemic recession is on its way so you might think about selling things or recycling. The last thing that you would want to do is to throw something away.

    A girl sorting plastic bottles in a room;
    Recycling is one of the best ways to declutter and protect the environment.

    Check out the house and set up everything

    This is sometimes done during the second week but some people also do it during the first. It also depends on how fast are things going and if they’re hopefully going in the right direction. You should check all the bills, utilities, information, documents, valuables, etc. These all papers must have your new addresses so you’ve probably already updated them but give it yet another check. Check out the crime rates on the website NeighborhoodScout or on any government official one. After that, you can (if you have it) install the security sister and try to understand the trash pick-up system.  Some people would also prefer to change all the locks due to some unforeseen events so they feel extra safe. Don’t forget to set up the smoke alarms too.

    One more thing that you should do is check out the whole house or apartment and see if it needs any maintenance work. After all of the hard work is done it’s time to throw a great “Welcome party” and meet all your neighbors. This is the easiest way to build new relationships and meet all of your new neighbors at once.  Plus who doesn’t love a good party?

    Kids getting ready for Halloween;
    Spend your first week after relocating to Dover by throwing a Halloween Welcome party.

    The first week after relocating to Dover in a nutshell

    So what should you do during the first week after relocating to the city of Dover? The first thing is cleaning then there’s unpacking while you can use the breaks to visit some local attractions. If you’re concerned about safety set up the security system, and smoke alarms. Also, don’t forget to change all the locks and see with neighbors about the overall safety. These are our suggestions on how to spend your first week after relocating to Dover. Have a great move and a lovely time in Dover.


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