How to organize your NH storage unit for frequent access

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    A lot of people use storage units when moving out, or just to store their belongings until they locate a new one. Maybe you want to get rid of certain things in your house and you simply don’t want to throw them away. Either way, when using a storage unit, you need to properly organize your NH storage unit for frequent access. You never know when you will need something out of it. You cannot simply open every box and search for the items. To save you some time and energy, one of the best moving companies NH has is here to help you with some basic guidelines. So let’s get started!

    A storage unit
    Follow along with our guidelines below to help you organize your NH storage unit for frequent access.

    Create an inventory list

    Since you will be accessing your storage unit frequently, the first thing you should do is create a list of contents of what will be placed in each box. It doesn’t matter if it is short term storage or for a long time. It may consume your time or energy, but you will be grateful that you wrote it down. Especially if your belongings will stay there for a long time. You can do it on paper, or make a computerized spreadsheet that you will update from time to time. Every time you remove or add an item from your storage unit, you’ll need to change it in your list. This method makes it easier to maintain track of your stuff. Planning and organizing are crucial, so is choosing the right material.

    Pick the right size of boxes

    Packing boxes and labeling the same is easy. But if you want to organize your storage well, you need to stack one onto another. This is why we recommend choosing one box size. Not only it is easy to stack one on top of another, but they are also easy to move around. If you are not sure where and what kind of boxes to pick from, you can always consult Durham NH movers. They have been in the same situation and they might be able to give you some recommendations.

    When stacking boxes in your storage unit, it is important to follow these tips:

    • it is easier to arrange boxes of the same size,
    • use transparent plastic bins to easily identify what is inside of each one,
    • lightboxes are stacked on top; heavier boxes are put at the bottom,
    • don’t overload the boxes.
    A lot of storage boxes
    Choose the same box size for the majority of your belongings in your storage unit, if not all.

    Identify what is stored first in the storage unit

    When you’re organizing your unit, think about where you want to put various boxes. Then, determine what items you’ll need and stack them for quick access. Make sure each box is labeled on the side and top (or both) with the contents of exactly what is inside. This will let you reach your stuff more simply, as well as organize the arrangement of where you put your boxes. If you don’t mark your boxes, there’s a good chance you’ll forget what’s in each one since they are the same size.

    Organize your belongings so it is easy to find them:

    • seasonal clothes (winter/summer),
    • the outdoor equipment (tents, sleeping bags, sleds, BBQ, & grills),
    • items and supplies for the holidays (decorations and  costumes),
    • children’s toys, etc.

    Plan a layout of how you will arrange boxes

    Before you just stack boxes in your storage unit, make sure to think about how many items you have and what size unit you’ll need to store it. Ideally, you’ll want to establish trails within your storage unit, so look for one with enough space for you to go in there and grab what you need quickly. A lot of moving companies Portsmouth NH offer different storage units,  so inform yourselves before committing to one. Stack boxes that will be accessed frequently near the storage unit’s door and goods that will be used infrequently near the unit’s back.

    Dividing your unit into parts can also assist you in determining where items should be stored for frequent access. You will save time and reduce the difficulty of locating them when there is a need if you take the time to prepare your area first. You may also follow these guidelines:

    • Arrange boxes in order of need from rear to front.
    • Items that you use on a regular basis should face the walkway, with labels facing out.
    • Furniture and other large items can be placed against the walls.
    • Lift your valuables from the ground to protect them from possible accidents.
    Use shelves to organize your NH storage unit for frequent access
    It takes time to properly organize your storage unit, but it is well worth the time.

    Install shelves for better organization

    You may better organize your NH storage unit for frequent access by using storage shelves. You may more easily stable your boxes and find a storage layout that works better for protecting your fragile objects by placing shelves on one side of the unit and placing your boxes on the shelves. You’ll find that you have even more space on the opposite side of your storage unit for keeping your furniture against the wall. Besides, you may even save money by not having to rent an additional storage unit owing to a lack of available space.

    Keep your storage unit clutter-free

    It takes time and energy to organize your NH storage unit for frequent access. But if you use it frequently, you will appreciate the effort in the long run. Shelves allow you to make better use of your storage unit’s vertical space and create clear routes for easy access. A tidy and practical room will make your storage experience easier and less stressful, whether you’re picking up your Christmas decoration or switching out seasonal clothing. Just remember to arrange your boxes in order of need from rear to front. The boxes you’ll use the most should be the final ones packed inside the storage container, and they should be near the door or on shelves with the labels facing out.


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