Which NH city is the best for senior citizens and why?

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    Which NH city is the best for senior citizens and what makes such cities stand out? We’re here to help you find the right answers to this question. Moving as a senior can be a huge challenge. That’s why we at Fit 2 Move can provide you with great advice, but also quality moving assistance. Take a look at some of the cities that stand out and pick the ones that fit your needs the most. Whatever city in NH you move to from the ones below, we are sure you won’t have any regrets.

    Rochester needs to be on the list

    As one of the top 60 cities to retire in the whole US, you can be sure that Rochester will offer just what you need as a senior. And with over 50 senior communities all over the city, it really stands out from other big cities in the area. But don’t worry, you can get help from our residential movers if you don’t opt for senior housing. And why not live on your own? Rochester really offers some great things to enjoy during the whole year. Be it that you like going for walks, enjoying movies, watching plays, or anything else you can count on Rochester to provide you with the right surroundings. Above all, Rochester is a senior city as 10% of its population are seniors aged over 65.

    A senior couple walking in a forest
    Rochester is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire

    Dover will offer all the benefits that senior citizens will need to live a great lifestyle

    Dover might not be the first city to pop up when you search for which NH city is the best for senior citizens. However, we believe that it can be right for you. As a senior, you will have the necessary support, but also beautiful scenery all around you. It’s definitely worth it to call one of the best moving companies Dover NH has on offer and let the moving crew help you out with the relocation process. But besides that, there are a lot of medical institutions that can monitor your health. Above all, there are many places in Dover that will offer you quality assisted living options and senior community centers. Life in Dover can be fun and enjoyable for seniors, so make sure to benefit from it.

    Living in Durham will be great if you want a peaceful and beautiful area to live in

    Tranquility and peace are probably one of the most important things to have available when living in Durham. It’s a beautiful city that has a plethora of activities available to seniors. On top of that, there are many parks and great recreational and outdoor areas that are worth checking. However, if you are planning to relocate here, you should know that only reliable Durham NH movers will make your relocation stress-free. Therefore, you should get in touch with several moving companies and decide which one fits your needs the best. Overall, a city like Durham is really what can offer you a combination of it all. We’re sure that as a senior you will feel at home in Durham in no time.

    Exeter is a city that will make you feel great if you’re a senior

    Seniors require specific surroundings to have a quality lifestyle. For that reason, a good answer to the question “Which NH city is the best for senior citizens?” – is Exeter NH. There’s a reason for the fact that it’s one of the top 30 cities in the nation when it comes to seniors and retirees. It has around 5 medical centers per 1000 residents which make it one of the best places when it comes to health in the state of New Hampshire. When you combine that with the beautiful parks, and many entertainment options, Exeter is the right place for seniors.

    Two women talking to each other
    Which NH city is the best for senior citizens? Exeter needs to be one of them

    Portsmouth is the perfect answer to the question of which NH city is the best for senior citizens

    Living in Portsmouth means that you can spend a lot of quality time. Especially when you consider how beautiful the area is. But besides the great parks and outdoor areas, there will be a lot of recreational centers, many of them designed just for seniors. On top of that, you can count on 3 medical centers for 1000 residents, which is a pretty good number. What Portsmouth lacks in the bigger picture is the number of retirement communities. But don’t be fooled, you will still have a great environment if you decide to spend your senior years in Portsmouth.

    Milford can provide you with the necessary support that a senior needs

    Milford is highly ranked among the cities in New Hampshire when it comes to lifestyle. So you can say that it offers much more for you as a senior. Besides your average cost of living and housing, it also offers great benefits for seniors. Only some of them worth mentioning are medical centers, assisted living options, retirement centers, and so much more. Also, you can be sure that living in Milford will be fun and exciting. For that reason, you can be sure that in Milford you can get the support you need as a senior.

    Laconia needs to be on that list

    Laconia is highly ranked among the cities for seniors in New Hampshire. That’s because you can count on the support and necessities at every corner. From assisted living options to medical centers, there’s always the right type of help around you in Laconia. Overall, it’s one of the best places in the state of New Hampshire when you look at both retirees and young professionals. The fact that it’s a small and peaceful community really makes it stand out from other cities. No matter how you look at it, moving to Laconia as a senior won’t be a mistake.

    A senior couple drinking tea
    Don’t overlook Laconia

    As a senior, you want to have everything you need around you. That will help you in creating a better lifestyle and enjoy life completely. That’s why picking the right place to live can be a crucial part of the process for you. The question is – Which NH city is the best for senior citizens? – and depending on your needs the answer may vary. However, we’re sure that picking any city from the list will be a good choice.



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