Top New Hampshire suburbs for families

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    When choosing where to move with a family it is important to take your time and do your research. Same as you are going to do to find and hire the best movers in NH. There are many factors that come into consideration when choosing a state and a neighborhood. Things like safety, health, education, child care, cost of living there, and socio-economic situation. New Hampshire is known for being one of the best states to raise a family. Due to its safety and it being very family-friendly, many people choose to raise their family there. And if you love the outdoors then New Hampshire is a great place to move to. There is a lot of wilderness to explore and enjoy. There are many great suburbs for you to choose from in New Hampshire. Here are some of the top New Hampshire suburbs for families.


    Durham is located in Strafford county and it is situated beside Great Bay. This small town is notable for its almost non-existent crime rate. Which will mean a lot when you are moving there with a family. Additionally, Durham is consistently rated in the top five states for having the best public schools. And taking into consideration the quality of education of the place you are moving to is important. There are also many great food options, everything from Greek to Italian and Mexican food. But also Indian, Thai, and Lebanese quality food too. There are many nice properties which you can buy in Durham. Some of them might be a bit pricy, but they are all worth looking into and something good can be found. You can also always ask your residential movers for advice. Taking everything into consideration Durham is definitely a great suburb for your family.

    Hanover is one of the top New Hampshire suburbs for families

    Hanover is a small town located next to the Connecticut River. And it is high up on the list of the best places to live in America. Hanover offers high-quality public education from elementary school to high school. And it has Dartmouth College which is one of the most prestigious universities in the US. You can also easily find experienced movers which provide moving services in NH for your move. Notably, there is little to no nightlife. But that is part of rural living and a bonus for a family looking for a nice and quiet place to live. Hanover is a beautiful and very family-friendly place. There are many fun and nice places for a family to enjoy like The Hopkins center. It is the cultural hub of Hanover with a wide variety of things you can do and enjoy, here are some of them:

    • Concerts
    • Plays
    • Movies
    • Special events
    People at theater in one of the top New Hampshire suburbs for families
    There are many things you can enjoy in Hanover and theater is one of them

    When speaking of the best suburbs for families in New Hampshire, we can’t go without mentioning Portsmouth

    Portsmouth also has great public schools. Which is one of the things that makes it one of the best New Hampshire suburbs for families. It is a very safe suburb to live in, which all parents will appreciate and value. Portsmouth is very family-friendly and a great environment to raise your children in. It is also a very historical location with a lot of rich history for you to learn about and explore. There are many ways to explore and enjoy the city while learning about its history. From one of the many museums. To walking and bike tours. If you like locations that have a lot of history to them then you will undoubtedly love Portsmouth. Whether you are moving to Portsmouth or doing in-home moving, make sure that you hire professional and experienced movers to have an easy and safe move.

    Bedford is amongst the best New Hampshire suburbs for families for many reasons

    Bedford is a small and beautiful place to live in. If you are looking for a middle ground between suburbia and a bigger city, you are going to like Bedford. With a population of 21,000 people, there is always something going on. And there are always new events and things happening for you and your family to have fun and enjoy. Bedford is only around 50 miles away from Boston, so a big city is always a short ride away. You could also use the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport to get there and back even faster. Once your local movers in NH have finished your move and you have unpacked, you can take your kids to one of many interesting places, as there are many fun things to do with kids in Bedford.

    People boarding a plane during sunset
    One of the benefits of living in Bedford is that you can always visit Boston easily and quickly

    The Currier Museum of Art

    You can explore numerous artworks here from famous European and American painters. If your children are artistically inclined they will love the museum and all the art in it. This is also a great way to educate them about art. It also has classes and workshops in which you can participate with your children and have fun making art together.

    Charmingfare Farm

    This is a real working farm that allows visitors to explore and enjoy it. Children can enjoy seeing many animals you would expect at a farm, but also a lot of other wildlife too. Like bears, wolves, and deer. The farm also has many fun events throughout the year. From concerts to magic shows and many other things.

    A deer in the forest
    There are many beautiful animals you can see at the farm

    New Hampshire Historical Society

    The New Hampshire Historical Society is a museum that showcases the history of New Hampshire. There is a lot of photographs, objects, and documents through which you can learn about the history of New Hampshire. And the great thing is that objects at the museum frequently change, so you can visit them more than once. And it will be a new and interesting experience every time. New Hampshire Historical Society is one of the most fun and interesting locations to visit and your children would enjoy it a lot too. And that is one of the things which make Bedford one of the best New Hampshire suburbs for families.


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