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    Needing a bigger office is one of the signs of growth. This is a big accomplishment for a business. New office space means new adventures, more employees, and new decoration. Moving to a new place is fun and exciting, however, it can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. This is why you need Fit 2 Move moving company by your side. We can organize and execute your move swiftly and with little downtime. Hiring a professional is the best thing you can do to make your relocation a smooth process. Moreover, to help you with your office move we have prepared a few tips on moving to a bigger office in New Hampshire. Reading them will help you with the office transfer.

    Women having a meeting.
    Organize a meeting to officially announce office relocation to your employees.

    Is New Hampshire a good place for an office?

    New Hampshire is located in the heart of New England. It is nicknamed “Granite State” because of the rock that dominates much of its landscape. The state is divided into seven distinct regions, and each region has its own particularities. You can enjoy both mountains and ocean views, there is something for everyone. Moreover, New Hampshire experiences a very varied and changing climate, both daily and year-round. This is a state with the lowest poverty rate and one of the safest places to live in the USA. With a great school system and with a plethora of activities you will be sure that your kids will love it here too.

    This diverse state is a great place to develop your business and grow. There are many advantages of moving to NH:

    • Skilled workforce
    • Low taxes
    • Lover prices of office space than in bigger states
    • The state does levy a 5% rate on interest and dividends, but all other personal income is untaxed

    With a great quality of life and a number of opportunities for your business, you will definitely not regret moving to NH.

    A good plan makes moving to a bigger office in New Hampshire easier

    Moving an office is a process that cannot be improvised, it takes time, and it must be properly planned. Moreover, any business needs to avoid as much as possible stopping its activity while the office is being transferred. Putting some effort into planning is, therefore, more important in order to make a smooth transition to the new office space. But also, to move all the computer equipment, as well as transfer the archives and files, without at the same time slowing down the work of your employees. Hiring one of the best moving companies Portsmouth NH has to offer is essential to ensure a smooth transition to the new premises and also allow the company to take care of the staff management.

    Involve the whole team in the moving process

    Have a big meeting where you will announce the moving day date, and present them the advantages of moving to a bigger office space. Let them tell you their ideas for the decoration of future premises in New Hampshire. Involve your staff in the moving process as much as you can. This way they will not feel left out. Moreover, they can help you with decluttering and packing documents. Communicating with your staff during a moving process is important, when every member of the staff knows their assignment, it makes the whole process simpler.

    Order new office furniture before moving to a bigger office in New Hampshire.
    Make sure to order new office furniture a few weeks in advance.

    Before moving to a bigger office space in New Hampshire declutter and order new furniture

    Before your moving date with Southern movers NH arrives make sure to declutter and order new furniture. It’s time to get rid of anything you no longer need and remove the furniture that you plan on replacing. In order not to perform these operations at the last minute, you should start a few weeks in advance. The first task will be to clear the office and pack everything that is not necessary for daily business activities. Moving is often an opportunity to reorganize all the files and paperwork. In order to speed up this process, each employee will have to declutter the documents from their workspaces, such as customer records or invoices, as well as confidential data or files. All employees should have available workplace packing materials before they start, like portable boxes, and bubble wrap.

    The next important step is to order the new furniture. As we all know, after you order your furniture, it will need a few weeks to arrive. You never know if there will be a delay in the delivery so place your order as soon as you can.

    A man holding moving boxes and smiling.
    Professional movers will make moving to a bigger office in New Hampshire a great experience.

    Why hire professionals for an office transfer?

    The transfer of an office requires many operations which must be carried out swiftly, professionally, and meticulously. Professional commercial movers offer full service while meeting deadlines. Commercial movers transport, assemble and disassemble office furniture and delicately handle electronic equipment. Moreover, they will provide all the necessary moving supplies, so you want to have to worry about that. Finally, professional movers have the experience and the proper equipment to move specific items such as printers or heavy and bulky office tables. Mae your life easier and get a professional to take care of everything.

    Check up on your employees after moving to a bigger office space

    After moving to a bigger office space in New Hampshire make sure to check up on your employees. Ask them how they feel about the change. You need to remember that they need some time to adapt so take it easy the first few weeks. Underline the positive sides of the move and present them to your employees. Keep a positive attitude and help them feel good in this new office space. After a short period of adaptation, everyone will appreciate the new office space.


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