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    With your moving day quickly approaching, you’ll need to do many things. Packing is surely one thing that absorbs your thoughts. Moving your entire household or office is a tricky task. You’ll need to figure how to pack your items, and pay attention to choosing adequate packing materials, and applying the right packing techniques. These are essential for the protection of your belongings during transport, regardless of the distance of your move. Moving boxes are staple packing material, and they come in handy in various other situations, besides moving. Expert movers NH have some great practical tips for finding the right moving boxes. So, get a pen and paper, and take your lead to create the ultimate packing materials list.

    Moving boxes - finding the right moving boxes
    Finding the right moving boxes is vital for the optimal protection of the items you’re moving

    Setting out on a mission to finding the right moving boxes

    You’ll need lots of boxes when you move. Surely, there are items that you can’t pack in a box, for instance, a mirror. But almost all of your items will be wrapped and placed into boxes for their relocation. Finding the right moving boxes can be an overwhelming task, as there’re many options available. However, our pro residential movers advise prioritizing quality over price, when gathering your moving boxes. Namely, boxes you get for free from a supermarket or discounted, pre-used moving boxes have weakened structure, and therefore, don’t offer reliable protection to your things. Second-hand boxes also tend to absorb moisture, and can’t hold much weight. Most certainly, it’s possible to get durable, sturdy boxes, without making a dent in your budget. Here’s how to do it.

    Figure out how many boxes will you need

    Moving is a costly endeavor. You’ll spend quite a bit on moving services NH, storage, new home essentials, etc. We certainly do understand that the last thing you want to spend on is cardboard boxes. However, bear in mind that these are vital for transferring your items. Moreover, the quality of boxes you use will determine if your belongings get to your new location in one piece. Hence, it’s worth investing a few more dollars in boxes, than risking spending hundreds on repair and replacement.

    Before you proceed with shopping, whether online or in a physical store, make a point to figure out how many boxes will you approximately need. Your mover will most definitely give you comprehensive guidance on the matter, and even supply you with moving boxes. However, it’s good to have a rough orientation, to help you plan better. For a household of 1-2 rooms, you will need between 20 to 25 boxes in total. The bigger the size of your inventory, and the more members in your family there are, the more moving boxes you’ll need. So, estimate your needs first, and proceed with finding the right moving boxes.

    Finding the right moving boxes – what types are there?

    Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and purposes of use. You’d like to have a suitable box for a variety of your items, as this will render them optimal protection. These are the standard sizes that moving boxes come in, and what are they good for:

    • Small (16” x 12” x 12”) ideal for packing small, heavy items, such as books, CDs, or kitchen gadgets.
    • Medium (18” x 16” x 18”) best for packing towels and decorations.
    • Large (18” x 18” x 24”) bedding, drapes, and smaller kitchen appliances are best transported in large boxes.
    • Extra large (24” x 20” x 24”) finding the right moving boxes include these, for packing large in volume, but light in weight items, such as pillows, comforters, and sports equipment.
    A family and cardboard boxes of various sizes and types
    Moving boxes come in many sizes and have versatile practical uses

    The majority of your household items will be adequately packed in these boxes. Of course, you’ll need some additional packing materials, such as durable packing tape, paper, and bubble wrap for the whole packing process. We’ll mention the essentials below. Now, besides various sizes, your local movers NH suggest you consider gathering a few pieces of specialty moving boxes too. These are designed for oddly shaped items or items that need extra protection, such as your work files. Following, let’s review those.

    Specialty moving boxes

    The most commonly used specialty moving boxes are:

    • Wardrobe moving boxes are large, with a rod across the top. You can hang clothes, such as suits, winter coats, and other delicate pieces of your wardrobe, to keep them neatly protected during transfer. Also, you can fit your shoes and purses on the bottom of these boxes, for optimal space management.
    • Mirror boxes are thin and flat and are designed for moving mirrors, or artwork. Their size is adjustable.
    • Dish pack comes with dividers inside the box. Use it to pack cups, mugs, glasses, and other fragile items.
    • TV moving boxes are specially designed for protecting flat-screen TVs during transportation.
    • Lamp boxes offer protection to lamps and other tall items.
    • File moving boxes have handles and removable tops and are ideal for transferring office files and other paperwork.

    With this extensive list of types and sizes of moving boxes, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of what you’ll need for well-organized packing. Based on the items you plan to move, and the size of your household, by now it’ll be easy to work out what exactly you need. So, use the above info to make your shopping list, and finding the right moving boxes will be a cinch.

    Finding the right moving boxes for purposes other than moving

    Besides being any cat’s favorite hiding place, moving boxes are a versatile solution in many situations. For your moving project, it’s absolutely paramount to consider the quality of the box you’re using. Again, this is directly linked to the damage protection you’re ensuring for your items. Besides, investing in a quality moving box is always a good idea. They might come in handy for your in home moving project, or as a storage solution in your garage or attic. If you intend to use a short-term storage unit, you’ll also need to consider finding the right moving boxes.

    A girl with moving boxes
    Talk to your mover for guidance and supply of moving boxes and other packing materials

    Where to look for good moving boxes?

    As we’ve mentioned before, it’s best to purchase new, previously unused moving boxes. Scooping them up from your local grocery store or a supermarket is certainly the most economical option, or so does it looks like. But then, those boxes have come into contact with food, sugary liquids, and whatnot. So, we’re sure you’ll agree, spending few bucks more on quality boxes isn’t that bad of an idea. The first place to check for any moving supplies, including moving boxes, it’s your mover. At the very least, they’ll be able to offer you valuable advice in regards to the supplies. Otherwise, the internet offers many options. Check and compare the prices, and choose what suits you best.

    What other packing materials will you need?

    While moving boxes are basic, and you can’t move without them, you’ll need other materials as well. To pack effectively, take note of the following essentials:

    • Packing tape – you’ll need it to first build your new boxes, and then to seal them. Finding the right moving boxes is certainly vital for your packing project, but even the best quality boxes won’t hold your items safely without durable packing tape. They simply go hand in hand together.
    • Packing paper – before boxing your items, you’ll need to ensure they’ll remain safe from scratches. Hence, consider purchasing packing paper, which is relatively inexpensive, and a better solution than a newspaper, that can leave inky residue on your things.
    • Bubble wrap – it’s an ideal material to wrap and protect your items. You should also use it to fill in gaps and empty spaces in your moving boxes, before sealing them.

    To wrap it all up, our pro tips will help you in finding the right moving boxes, without a hitch. Take note, and benefit from them. Good luck.



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