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    Although Durham and Wells might seem similar at first, there are actually lots of things that distinguish them. First of all, Wells is a bit smaller than Durham. If you’re looking into moving to a smaller, close-together community – then Wells is definitely your best option. It’s small, right next to the beach and a quiet little part of Maine that lots of people call their home. It also has some beautiful beaches, and over the summer lots of people come over to enjoy them. If you’re also looking to also moving your business there, it’d be a fantastic decision. With so many reliable movers NH has to offer, doing cross-state relocations it’s easier than ever to relocate. With so many opportunities and the splendid things, the town offers – moving from Durham to Wells isn’t such a hard decision. Let’s explore why.

    The proximity between the two is great

    When people think of moving to another state, they think they’re going to miss their family and friends. While that’s certainly true, Wells is hardly an example of this. A train connects two cities, and it’s just a half an hour of drive via Interstate 95 North. You’re going to be in there in no time, and visiting any day you want. That’s why making the decision whether to move or not is really easy. Nowadays, in larger cities, many people actually spend more than 30 minutes on their daily commutes. Moreover, this also means that moving to Wells is going to be cheap. No matter if doing a DIY relocation or hiring any of the local movers NH offers – the prices are going to be lower. That’s because lots of times they’re calculated based on distance. So, by moving to Wells you’re in for a really sweet moving quote.

    Mom spending time with her kids as they prepare for moving from Durham to Wells.
    Your life shouldn’t change terribly after a move to Wells, but it will in some ways.

    Naturally, that will also depend on other factors. For example, how much stuff you’re moving and so on. But, money really shouldn’t be an issue in this situation. Even if you can’t afford to relocate all of your furniture with a moving company, doing it by yourself is relatively easy since you can make several trips back and forth. Speaking of prices, you’ll find the median sale price for a property is around $450,000. That’s according to RedFin. However, Realtor lists some houses for even $200,000 – $300,000. You’re going to agree that’s a pretty good deal, considering everything.

    What can you expect to see and do in Wells after moving there?

    Wells has been around the 1600s. That makes it the third oldest town in Maine, with over 400 years of existence under its belt. That makes for some really good historical sightseeing. But other than that, it’s a pretty popular tourist spot in the area, especially during the summer. The locals are proud of their beautiful beaches. Moreover, there’s a big beautiful Reserve right next to the Atlantic. That makes for a really good hiking opportunity, or just walking in nature. In terms of activities within the city, you can visit the Storer Garrison State Historic Site. It tells the tale of early British settlement, and the struggle between them, the French and Native Americans. You can also visit some of the antique stores that are located within the city, as well.

    A man and a woman taking off a picture from the wall as they prepare for their relocation to Wells.
    Moving from Durham to Wells is going to be easy, considering the prices and the distance between the two.

    Really, Wells cannot compare to other bigger cities when it comes to a vibrant nightlife scene, festivals, events, and so on. What it can offer is a peaceful community, with beautiful nature. That also includes comfortable costs of living. But that’s not the end of the story, though! If you’re looking for opportunities that big cities offer, Boston is less than 2 hours away. In the near vicinity, you’ve also got Portsmouth, Rochester, Sanford, and Portland. That’s a popular and smart way to go about it. You’re going to enjoy low costs of living while being super close to bigger cities. That’s a great way to save up some money. That’s something the Durham NH movers know and advertise really well. Some places got their vibrant cities, astonishing festivals, and ecstatic nightlife – but Wells has low-crime rates, and quiet neighborhoods to offer. The only decision is what you prefer.

    How to make the final decision on moving from Durham to Wells

    The final decision whether or not you should move is yours to make. You should compare both the positive and negative aspects of your relocation. While Wells is a pretty unique, small community there might be some other things you prefer in Durham. There are a ton of guides online teaching you how to move and pack. You will also need to consider all the things you’re going to do in terms of paperwork if you’re going to relocate to another state. But don’t worry too much about it. This is not going to be a big life-changing event, so embrace it just as a chance for a fresh start. Think of the following:

    • You’ll need to cancel your utility services before moving out.
    • Changing your kids’ school and allowing them to settle into a new environment
    • Update your social security information, as well as your address for voting before moving from Durham to Wells.
    • Forwarding your mail to your new address, as well as informing the credit card companies.
    • And many other things that are more personal to you.
    A person filling out some paperwork, that could potentially be moving papers.
    Keep in mind, you’ll have some paperwork to fill out before moving to Wells.

    As you can see, this is going to be a process you’re going to invest yourself in. And thanks to the fact that Wells is super close to Durham, you’re looking for good deals. And here’s a catch, you can use moving company services for things that are too hard for you. For example, have them relocate all oddly shaped items or even your piano. Luckily, most of the movers Wells ME offers are going to be able to help you get through this move more easily. And as you can see, moving from Durham to Wells is not going to be too hard. The distance is small, the prices are low and you’re still going to be close to all the people you know. That all makes up a really good moving package and opportunity.



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