Storage features to look for when storing your furniture

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    Sometimes there is a need to store your items away. Wheater you are relocating, renovating, or you simply need more space in your home. So in those situations, storing your furniture in a storage unit is a great choice. And if you need to store furniture for any length of time, there are a couple of things to consider. In order to make sure that your furniture remains in good condition. And you need to know the right storage features to look for when storing your furniture. And moving companies NH will give you the best tips!

    First, decide where you want to store your furniture

    Bear in mind that keeping your spare furniture in your garage, basement or spare room can work for short periods of time. That is if you have enough space. There are also additional short term storage options. However, for long-term storage, you will need to search for other options. Or if you have a lot of furniture to store. Hence storing your furniture in a self-storage unit can be ideal. For instance, if you’re renovating a property. Or downsizing and you need storage facilities for the medium or long term. Usually, they’re secure, clean, and available. Also, indoor self-storage units are great for furniture storage. And many stores will allow you to access your unit 24 hours a day.

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    Make sure to know the storage features to look for when storing your furniture

    Storage features to look for when storing your furniture

    Whatever storage unit you choose, you should know what features are the most important. You need to check wheater the storage unit has certain features. Such as drive-up room access, units with double door entry, wide aisles, and lifts. The moving companies Portsmouth NH suggest you pay special attention to the following storage features:

    • Space
    • Transport
    • Efficiency

    Storage space

    Mostly, there are storage units of different sizes. That is for different customers’ needs. So, you should choose the size of your unit carefully. Hence you won’t damage your furniture. By putting too much into the space. You can always look for a size calculator. And you can use it to find out how much square footage you’d need. Or you can always consult with an experienced staff. The Durham NH movers can always offer you advice on the ideal size of unit for you. Based on how much you need to store.

    Photo of warehouse
    Space is an important factor when considering a storage unit

    Transport is another important storage feature to look for when storing your furniture

    If you’ve chosen to store your furniture in a storage unit, you’ll need to organize transport. But think carefully about it. For instance, can you fit everything into your car? Or will you need to hire a van? And think about if you can lift your items easily. Or maybe there are heavier pieces of furniture that you’ll need help with. Hence, many storage facilities can offer you the transport of your belongings to the storage unit. By hiring a van can be a lot easier and less time-consuming process. Compared to making multiple trips by car.

    Look for efficient furniture storage

    Keep in mind that large items, such as mattresses and sofas should be stored vertically. And those should be also kept around the edge of your storage room. In order to make space for broader items. Or heavier ones. Likewise, you should look for a storage unit where you can put your paintings and mirrors vertically. In order to prevent them from being broken over time. Hence look for an efficient storage unit, where you can put all of your items safely.

    Make your furniture easier to handle

    Remember that any piece of your furniture, like bookcases, wardrobes, desks and chairs, can be taken apart. And make sure to do so before you store it. That way you will make it much easier to transport. And you’ll also use the space inside your storage unit far more effectively. Hence it will be much easier later. So it is always a good idea to economize on space. And do so by storing smaller items inside desk drawers. That will provide those smaller items with extra protection. Even though it’s best to do this once you’re inside your storage unit. In order to make larger items easier and lighter to transport. Another important thing is to keep your furniture off the ground. Place lay a protective layer on the ground. In order to raise your furniture off ground level to protect it. You can use a tarp or cardboard on the floor. Or pallets if you have them.

    A living room
    Take apart your pieces of furniture before you store them

    Remember that size is one of the most important storage features to look for when storing your furniture

    Usually, many storage units can offer you different room sizes. And the size that you will need will be dependent on all of the items that you need to store. Bear in mind that typically the size of unit needed to store furniture will start from a 35 sq. ft. And that is ideal for storing the contents of a one-bedroom flat. However, when it comes to a 4-5 bedroom house, garage, and shed, you will probably need up to a 250 sq. ft. unit.

    Price is an important factor too

    You should know that the price of a self-storage unit for your furniture can vary. It depends on the location of the facility. As well as the size of the unit, and the length of stay. You should look into the amount of insurance you’ll require. Additional features can be extra charged. For instance, if you are using a climate-controlled storage unit for storing your items. Or if you need an additional level of safety for your furniture.

    As you can see, here we mention the most important storage features to look for when storing your furniture. Make sure to inform yourself in advance. So that you can store your furniture properly.


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