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    Every season is beautiful in its way. But each one is quite different during the process of moving. Are you planning to relocate to Wells this spring? If yes, you need to evaluate all the unique characteristics this season offers. Not only are the weather conditions variable in spring, but so are the moving costs, traffic circumstances, as well as other personal engagements. Being able to schedule and carry out relocation in spring is not easy. If you are not sure how to make the best decision and complete your relocation adventure on your own, Fit 2 Move is there to help you. We combine affordability with quality and present you with the pros and cons of moving to Wells this spring.

    Nice weather – One of the pros of moving to Wells this spring

    Spring weather is ideal for a house move because it is neither freezing cold nor scorching hot. Carrying heavy items is much easier in mild temperatures. As a result, you don’t have to worry that your belongings will be damaged by extreme heat or cold, as there are usually no snowstorms and blizzards in spring. If you need to lift and carry boxes while sweating or shivering you will certainly not feel pleasant, but you can avoid this if you plan to move in spring. If you are still worried about going through the relocation process smoothly, you may want to hire a company to complete everything for you. Movers Wells ME know that moving to Wells in spring may be challenging. Contact us and get to your new home with plenty of energy and excitement.

    A woman riding a bicycle and thinking about moving to Wells this spring
    Spring is the best time of the year for your perfect move

    Pro #2 – Moving in spring can bring discounts and lower prices

    If you plan to move in spring you will certainly get a discount on the services you buy. The reason is that few individuals decide to move at this time of the year. Because school is not finished yet, it would be troublesome for the children to move in the middle of the spring semester. However, plenty of moving companies will offer reduced pricing to get more employment. On the other hand, once May arrives, moving costs will skyrocket as the number of house moves climbs dramatically in the middle of the month, signaling the start of peak moving season. If you still have doubts about whether to move to Wells in spring, contact residential movers and see why we are one the most reliable and trustworthy companies. Your only job is to plan, and we are there to do the rest.

    Pro #3 – A better possibility of finding professional and reliable moving service

    Most of the moving companies are not fully booked during springtime. Instead of choosing a cheaper and low-quality company, moving in spring means you will have a large selection of trustworthy companies to choose from. A dependable team of experts that meets all of your demands and circumstances should be easy to find. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you will be working with an experienced moving crew. Always opt for a company that won’t be rushing to another job. Companies that are constantly in a hurry or tired from a prior job are highly unprofessional. You need experts that will treat your valuables with professionalism and care.

    Two men carrying boxes
    A reliable company will dedicate to you completely and guide you through the process of moving painlessly

    Unpredictable weather – One of the cons of moving to Wells this spring

    Spring is notorious for rains, lightning storms, and high winds. Despite the warm temperatures, the weather on your moving day could be very bad. This can cause a lot of problems and headaches for anyone. When moving in the rain, you must take effective measures to safeguard your items and property from water damage, as well as to avoid personal injuries and road accidents. Easier said than done! Protecting and storing all items could be a daunting task. But don’t worry! Opt for short term storage and have a painless relocation. We work diligently to pack, seal and keep your valuables safe in our storage until you settle in a new home. Make some extra space during your relocation adventure, and choose from the following services:

    • Decluttering
    • Remodeling/renovating
    • Staging your home for sale

    Con #2 – The school year is not yet finished

    Another drawback of moving in spring may affect your children. They will have a lot of catching up to do, deal with a new routine, classmates, and teachers. Switching schools just before the end of the academic year might not be the best solution. Programs and requirements vary from school to school. Children will feel anxious and depressed, as this big change might affect their grades and overall performance at school. Furthermore, you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork, such as grade transcripts or absence records. Instead of being bossy, a nice discussion can greatly alleviate the anxiety. You may try to present a new home as a great and fun place, where they will have lots of new friends and adventures.

    Two girls walking
    Children will have to change school when moving to Wells during springtime

    Con #3 – Beware of allergies

    While spring is the best time for your relocation adventure, some of us must be wary of the dreaded seasonal allergies. Many people experience a stuffy or runny nose, teary eyes, and exhaustion. You may be in danger of an allergic reaction if you spend the entire day outside assisting your moving agency. Little children may be especially affected, so try to keep an antihistamine with you, just in case. Sealing your boxes firmly may keep the pollen out, and closing the windows when packing and unpacking may be beneficial too. If you are unsure how to fight allergies while you move, you may want to hire an agency to do all the job for you. Why let diseases spoil your perfect move when you can just sit and relax. Move to the “friendliest town in Maine” without much hassle, and in high spirits instead of feeling sick.

    Final Thoughts

    Moving is certainly not an easy task, but moving in spring can be equally troublesome. If you are planning to move to Wells this spring, you should list all the pros and cons of the process. The good things are mild temperatures, cheaper moving costs, and high-quality companies. On the other side, moving in spring can cause problems at school, as well as health problems. Moreover, sudden weather changes can only make the process of relocation worse. Hiring a moving agency is an excellent way to fight stress and anxiety during relocation. A reliable company will assist you through the process of moving to Wells this spring in a fun way.

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