Pros and cons of living in Rochester in 2022

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    When thinking about any place, Rochester included, you need to put on a list what are the advantages and disadvantages. Rochester is really a classic moving dilemma: should you move to a smaller town? If you are already living in a smaller community, then it’s going to be a no-brainer for you. There are both pros and cons of living in Rochester. It’s true that Rochester is one of New Hampshire’s fastest-growing towns. However, it still has a long way to go before it reaches something like Manchester. On the other hand, there are many benefits to living in a small and close community.

    Positive aspects of relocating to Rochester

    Rochester isn’t much different from many other American towns of the same size. If you want a more peaceful life, to escape from the city’s noise and loud traffic, then it’s going to be a perfect fit. Likewise, if you’re already used to living in a smaller community, then Rochester might easily become the next place you call home. As it is the biggest growing city in New Hampshire, the city will soon undergo some big changes and developments. The best thing is, if you settle down there now, you’re in a much better spot when it comes to housing options. Thanks to its size, the costs of living in it are going to be way smaller, than in some other bigger cities.

    A scientist doing an experiment in a lab
    Rochester is great if you or your kids are looking to study in Manchester.

    Proximity to Manchester and the ocean

    Another great aspect of Rochester is its location. You’re less than half an hour of drive away from the Atlantic, meaning family holidays are going to be really easy. Even if you prefer to spend holidays abroad, nothing stops you from going to the beach over the weekend. Many people in bigger cities will easily spend more than 30 minutes on their daily commute alone. For even less time, you can visit Portsmouth’s beautiful beaches. The reason moving companies Rochester NH offers get a lot of calls is because of its great location.

    Moreover, Manchester is also very close to Rochester. A city with just above half a million people, it has a lot to offer. If you’re looking to go to a college that’s closer to home, then Manchester can be a really great choice. Especially if you’re into natural sciences, since there they split the first atom in human history. If you are considering moving to Rochester, know there are a lot of good moving companies offering their services in the area. That also includes services such as short term storage. Manchester itself has a lot to offer, and it is just an hour of drive away from Rochester. Thanks to its great location, you can do many things in Manchester, and spend your weekends on the beaches of Portsmouth yet pay to live in Rochester. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

    Great costs of living are one of the pros of living in Rochester

    Speaking of good deals, Rochester is going to be really cheap for you, if you’re used to some more expensive options. Not only will you be able to find great housing options for little to no cash (when compared to bigger cities), but the prices in general will be lower. That is why movers Southern NH based, get lots of calls for this particular town. This is thanks to its smaller size and population. If you’re looking to live somewhere on a tighter budget in New Hampshire, then Rochester should be your choice. You’re going to save lots of money that way.

    Some of the disadvantages of living in Rochester

    While there are a lot of great things about Rochester, there are some negative ones, too. Comparing the two should help you make the best decision for yourself. Rochester is a smaller town, with a close community than the ones in bigger cities and places. You need to really be ready to live in a smaller place, where there isn’t a ton of different shops, stores, and malls to choose from. If you want to buy anything that’s not very common, you’ll either have to order it online it or drive to Manchester. On the other side, you’re also not going to find a lot of school choices for your kids in Rochester.

    a dog on the street
    Rochester is definitely a smaller town, so put that on your list of pros and cons of living in Rochester.

    Get used to living in a smaller town if you’re moving to Rochester

    This was mentioned a couple of times but really consider it. When thinking about all the pros and cons of living in Rochester, think about its size. You won’t have as many different people or activities. People tend to know each other, and there’s no anonymity when you’re outside that’s common in bigger cities. On the other hand, it can turn you away from considering living in Rochester – so do lots of research. There are a lot of moving services NH movers provide that you can choose from in order to relocate to Rochester in no time. The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not it’s going to suit you well.

    Not so many activities or school choices should definitely be on your list when listing all the pros and cons of living in Rochester

    There are also other factors you will need to consider when deciding whether or not to relocate to Rochester. One of those is that your kids might not necessarily be able to attend top schools in the town. While you can probably pick in advance what school your kids will go to, there’s not a huge variety. Also, if you’re used to attending any activities there might be none offered in the town. For example, if you’re used to going to any dancing lessons, you do need to see if they’re being offered anywhere in Rochester. Ask around in advance and prepare to change your hobbies if necessary.

    Three men playing soccer
    Consider what kinds of activities Rochester offers since it might not offer something you enjoy doing.

    Based on all the pros and cons of living in Rochester, you should be able to make an informed decision. There will also be lots of things you want to consider that are personal to you. That might include special events you enjoy, things you want your kids to do, and so on. That all matters, and while Rochester is a great choice, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. So, do lots of research and make the best possible decision based on all the information you have.



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