Moving with kids – how to do it right?

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    Moving is a life-changing event. It symbolizes new beginnings and a new chapter in peoples’ lives. As much as it’s exciting, it’s scary too. Adults often feel stressed and anxious about an upcoming move. But what about kids? How does moving affect them? If you’re a parent, you’re probably aware that moving with kids adds up to the complexities of your relocation project. Especially so, if you know that your children are happy in their current environment. For them, moving means leaving their friends behind and exchanging the safety of their home for an unfamiliar place. Many kids will feel sad, and reluctant to the idea of moving. Luckily, there are a few things you can do, to make things easier. Our experts at Fit 2 Move share their best tips on the topic.

     a man with two little girls
    Moving with kids is hard, but it brings joy as well

    How to prepare for moving with kids?

    The difference between a smooth and a hectic move is timely preparation. Hence, as soon as you make the decision about your residential relocation, book your professional moving assistance. If you’re moving with kids, make a point to take help from a professional mover that will help you plan and organize the entire process, from start to finish. You’d like to lean on an expert moving help to make it easy for you. Ensure you minimize stress and hassle levels, and save time to spend it with your kids. This is a practical step, that will put you on the right track to a smooth house move. Once you tick this off the list, it’s time to break the news about the move to your kids. Take note of the following effective tips, to get things right, from the get-go:

    • Break the news early on
    • Answer their questions
    • Let them take part in the process
    • Show them your support
    A child with a book
    Moving with kids can be delicate, so make sure you tell them well in advance and allow them to adapt to the idea of the move

    Talk to your kids about the move well ahead of time

    Timing is an important factor for anything in life. When you’re moving, it’s best to have everything planned and thought through in advance. This is how to avoid unexpected situations, that will only add up to the already hectic situation. So, once you’ve booked your moving services, talk to your kids and tell them you’re moving. This may be an uneasy thought, but postponing it won’t make things easier. Use age-appropriate language, and break the news with confidence. Although you may have cold feet yourself, it’s important to give your kids a sense of certainty. They can pick up your emotions easily and will feel worried if they sense that you’re anxious. Let them know that the decision is final, and allow them time to accept it.

    When you’re moving with kids, keep the communication open

    The best place to tell your children you’ll be moving in the comfort of your home. It’s very likely that your kids will have an emotional reaction when they first hear the news. Allow them to vent out. The first question you’ll hear is most probably – when did you decide on this? Let them know they are the first to know about it, as this will make them feel they matter. Expect to hear many questions – where, why, how. Thus, try to have simple answers at hand. Be patient, and remain open to answer any questions in a friendly and reassuring way. Kids are mostly scared from the idea that they’ll find themselves in a new environment, and won’t have any control over it. They fear that they may not find new friends or they will lag behind the other kids at school. So, talk to them, and reassure them.

    A father and a son
    Keep the communication with your kids open, and answer their questions

    Involve your kids in the moving process

    Everyone feels a tad bit sentimental when leaving a familiar place. But then there’s the excitement about moving to a new place. Hence, do your best to evoke a feeling of excitement in your kids. They are curious, and if you give them the right notion, they’ll forget about sadness and fear fairly quickly. Let them take part in the organization of your move. Talk to your mover and ask them about the packing services they offer. This will save you time and effort, so you can dedicate yourself to your close ones. Ask your kids to help you out with the sorting out of your belongings. Go through your items together, and let them choose a keepsake to take with them. If they feel involved in the event, they’ll feel less uncertain about the upcoming changes. Moving will start to feel like an upcoming adventure.

    Keep the team spirit alive

    When you’re moving with kids, the most important thing is to ensure they don’t feel excluded. Although they’ll come to terms with the new reality of moving, it’s in your hands to make the process of transition smooth and easy for your kids. Therefore, make sure to spend quality time with them and keep the communication open. Show them pictures of your new place, talk to them about the upcoming change of school and reassure them they should look forward to making new friendships. Build a team with your kids, and gel by showing them your support. Remind them that you’re in this together and that they can count on you to listen and help them out in any situation.

    All in all, moving with kids may seem like an overwhelming project, but it doesn’t have to be. To make it easy, take a helping hand from a good mover, and ensure the logistics of your process is set up for success. With pro help by your side, you’ll save time, and moreover, slash unnecessary stress and worries. This is the best way to ensure a smooth transition to your new home, for you and your kids. Good luck.




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