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    When we hear the word relocation, the first thing that we think about is change. We are all prone to changes. Most of us are afraid of the uncertainty of the changes that come with moving. Although moving can be exciting, there is still a number of tasks that need to be done. It can be very difficult. This is especially true if you don’t have experience in moving. Sometimes you won’t be aware of what to do and what not to do. That will make you move around with stress. Fortunately, we at Fit 2 Move are here to help you. Let’s make your moving from Exeter to Somersworth NH quick and easy!

    Organize moving from Exeter to Somersworth NH

    When you decide to relocate, you will have a lot on your mind. So start preparing to move on time. The moving process requires time. Because you need to prepare and organize everything ahead. Otherwise, you can forget some items, break something or lose your things. Also, you need to plan every room from your current place of residence and think about rooms in your new apartment. In order to avoid all the chaos that relocation can bring, organize yourself accordingly. Some of us can pack our belongings in few hours but others may take days or even weeks. That’s why you should make a detailed plan. As a starting point, consult movers Exeter NH and start your relocation from Exeter to Somersworth.

    Get a checklist

    A checklist is a predefined list that consists of things to do during your relocation. This will help you a lot. Also, it will keep you on track as the day of moving draws near. Insert dates, so you will know on which day you need to prepare the certain items. Write down every belonging that you can’t handle yourself, or if it is fragile. First, write your chores at the old home. Then make a list of chores you need to do in the new home. Don’t underestimate this process of writing down your obligations. At the same time, you need to think about both your old and new apartments. Another good piece of advice is to make your relocation organizer. It can be a document in which you should put all important documents such as medical records, marriage certificates, citizenship, etc. The organizer is especially a good thing if you are in the process of commercial relocation. This can be a slightly different process, so make sure to get all the information from commercial movers NH.

    Black and white organizer for moving from Exeter to Somersworth NH
    Take a planner and organize your relocation

    Pack your things

    Packing things is one of the most important steps of any move. Start with loading things in boxes by dividing them into rooms. Do not mix objects in boxes from two rooms. Because that way you will replace everything when you unpack. If you have a lot of different things in one room, redistribute them by boxes and fragility, so that they do not accidentally break during transport. You need to provide adequate protection for all your items. Fragile things require special attention. It is necessary to take care of the order of stacking in boxes. Make sure to put the things in boxes carefully. The boxes should be neither empty nor overfilled. You can stick a paper on the filled boxes and write the content of that box. If you have to relocate your furniture, pay special attention. Check if you can deconstruct your beds, wardrobes, tables (and others thing that you need to move). Put them in special boxes and label them (because they are usually very heavy). Since the house furniture can be difficult to handle, ask professionals to help you.

    Essential items for moving from Exeter to Somersworth NH

    During the packaging, separate one special box (or a bag). In it, you should put the things that you will need immediately after moving in. These are usually:

    • Personal documents
    • Medicines
    • Toiletries
    • Spare clothes
    • Food for your pets

    Specify this box separately so that it differs from the other boxes. You can also ask movers Somersworth NH what else you will need.

    Black backpack on the wooden table
    Pack your essentials in a bag

    Take care of your electronic devices

    The best solution for packing electrical devices is to put them in the original boxes. That is if you have saved them. If you haven’t, then find other moving boxes. Find those that will serve you well. Consider buying those that are very reliable and adequate for packing various items. If you have computers and similar devices that you need to connect,  take pictures of them so connected. That way, when you reconnect them or attach each other to electricity, you will know where each cable is going. When it comes to devices such as refrigerators or freezers, it is advisable to thaw and wipe them before packing and moving. This is in order not to thaw them during transport, which can be a big problem. Take care that the refrigerator must not be turned to the side. It must stand upright during transport. After preparing for transport, close the water valves to which the washing machines and dishes have been connected. It is recommended that you leave all work related to the removal of electronic goods to professional workers. They will pack safely, transport, and install your devices in a new location. This is especially important if you are moving for the first time, away from your family.

    Refrigerator beside kitchen cabinet
    Be careful with your household devices and transport them carefully

    Explore your new home

    Get to know your new home and environment. Moving to another location will require customization from you. You will live in a new neighborhood with new people. If you have time, invite your neighbors to your home for dinner. This is a great way to connect with your neighbors and make friends with them. In addition to the neighborhood, you also need time to get to know the nearby facilities. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you should also check the nearby shopping malls, hospitals, pharmacies, and schools. If you want your moving day to be convenient, clear your mind and use all the resources you have. The more tips you get, the easier it will be to move from Exeter to Somersworth NH.


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