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    Are you planning to move this October? Then it’s time to ensure that you get the best assistance and the best price. From finding the best movers to trying to get moving discounts in October, you need to look at every single detail. Of course, when your move is in the hands of movers Southern NH has, you don’t have to worry about affordable experts moving you. However, here are just some of the things to have in mind when looking for discounts for your move.

    You won’t be getting a discount without asking your moving company

    The first thing you need to get a discount anywhere and whenever is by asking. Many people forget to ask about discounts as they don’t want to come off as rude. However, there are many reasons why movers will give you discounts. And the month of October is no exception. For example, certain moving services NH can be in an off-season period for certain companies and there’s not much requirement for it. That’s why asking your moving company if they can give you a discount for anything from packing to storage can be a great option. Be it that you save 5% or 50%, it will still be great for your budget. For that reason, don’t be shy and make sure to ask your movers if they can give you some discounts if you move during October.

    A person talking on the phone
    How to get moving discounts in October? Make sure to ask for them

    Wait for the off-season

    As we mentioned, the off-season is probably the best time to get some additional discounts. As October is already a winter month, that means that there will be less work for the majority of moving companies. Make sure that you take advantage of that fact be it that you’re hiring local movers NH or moving across the US with interstate movers. When movers have less work they will be more open to giving you discounts on the move. Be it that it’s a certain service or a discount on the overall move, there can be many benefits from picking October for your move.

    Cash discounts are something that many companies can offer you

    Cash is king. That counts for many moving companies still to this day. For that reason, be it October or any month of the year, paying with cash can give you a significant discount. Of course, you won’t be able to get this type of discount from every moving company. However, when hiring residential movers it will be much easier to find a quality option that can provide you with this type of discount. It probably won’t be much, but a 5% is still something you shouldn’t overlook. Especially when moving on a budget.

    If you’re a senior you probably can get moving discounts in October

    Senior moving is a pretty challenging task to do. However, there will be a wider option for it available when it comes to discounts. Whenever you might be moving, you will get not just the necessary help but also a good percentage off the final price. For seniors, you can expect discounts that are even around 20% to 30%. The majority of moving companies respect the family and elders, so it’s not strange that you can get moving discounts in October as a senior. In many cases, you won’t even have to ask for it.

    A senior talking on the phone
    There’s a variety of discounts for seniors

    Students will have special offers, especially around this part of the year

    Students are another sensitive group when it comes to moving. Especially with many moving companies that have students working as movers. However, the month of October is also an important period of the year for students. It’s the time when many of them are going to campuses or are overall moving. Even without looking at the time of the year students usually have discounts from the majority of companies. However, you can expect that it will be easier to find them around October. And even find even higher discounts for students during this particular month.

    If you stay loyal to your moving company you can get a discount

    Loyalty pays. And that’s what the majority of moving companies respect. For that reason, if you want to get moving discounts in October it’s important to get in touch with a company you already moved with. Will this be your first move? Then don’t sweat. If some of your friends refer you to a company, both you and them will get a discount for the upcoming move. Overall, successful moving companies know that quality assistance is the best advertisement. That’s why people that move with the same company and get referrals usually get a discount.

    Make sure to get some quotes

    If you’re looking for discounts, it probably means that you’re moving on a budget. Or overall are trying to save some money on your move. Another great trick to do so is to get a handful of moving quotes. And asking them from BBB-approved moving companies will ensure that you’re dealing with certified professionals. By checking out the quotes you can see who offers you the best price for the most amount of work. Overall, it will be very helpful to have that information available to you at all times. Don’t shy away and send as many estimate requests as you can to find the best solutions for your moving challenges.

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    Before asking for discounts make sure to ask for quotes

    Moving can usually get very expensive. Of course, that will depend on a lot of factors. But it’s always smart to get moving discounts in October or whenever else. For that reason, we’re sure that the information we presented will be very helpful. Relocations are much better when you do them at a fair and low price. Don’t be shy and make sure that you ask questions and use as much information to your advantage as you possibly can. This will give you discounts that will make your relocation significantly cheaper.



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