Ideas for reusing boxes after a move in York

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    These days social media is full of environment-friendly solutions that could save our planet. When making a move and organizing the whole process, there are certain packing supplies you’ll use just once and then throw out in the trash. That scenario is the same for the boxes you’ve used for storing your clothes, books, and other types of items. What if we tell you that there is an actual solution for reusing boxes after a move in York? It doesn’t take much time, just requires a bit of creativity and will to make something beautiful and useful from it. For all of you who want to save these boxes and ensure them, Fit 2 Move can offer some ideas. Here are just some of them:

    Reusing boxes after a move in York: Where to start?

    Just like we already mentioned, boxes are an inevitable part of the moving process. You already invested money in it, so there is no use in throwing out boxes that are in great shape. Of course, some of them will get slightly damaged during the move or unpacking process, but that’s only a couple. What is the next step? This is how to reuse them:

    Make toys

    If you already have some leftover boxes, there is a good solution on how to use them and turn them into funny pieces. It only looks like they are a piece of cardboard, they can be creative toys only if you make them. Whether you have children or pets, you can create great toys with a few markers and a pair of scissors. If you have leftover big pieces of cardboard from your furniture, cut them into the shape of a fortress, castle, or house. It can be a great place for playing hide and seek and you can also encourage creativity by letting your children paint the rest of it. One more piece of advice when reusing boxes after a move in York is to make a toy for your cat.

    It’s cheaper and will be as great as any other toy you buy. Plus, cats adore cardboard and boxes.

    Dad reusing boxes after a move in York, making a small house for children out of cardboard
    Play with your kids and make some new toys out of old boxes.


    Even dough it looks obvious, your boxes from the move can be used as a storage solution. You’ll probably need some extra time for unpacking and planning a new space. In the meantime, make piles and organize your items in the boxes until you figure out where to place them. If you don’t have much space, you can store winter clothes inside and place them in your basement, attic, or on the top of your wardrobe. This is such a great solution for small apartments. Still, if you’re about to keep them in the visible place, try painting them in bright colors. You can even let your kids do that and then make a new place for keeping toys. If you were thinking about finding a storage place, you can use short term storage as a solution.


    It sounds simple just like making a new place for storing items, but it also requires your attention and time. If you want to make a perfect organization inside your drawers, you can simply cut the cardboard into smaller pieces that will fit your drawer. It’s necessary to calculate and measure carefully in order to fit everything properly. When you do that, you can have a great sock organizer for example. Also, you can make a shoe rack by folding your cardboard pieces into a triangle shape. They can be colored if you want, but when you glue them together, you’ll save a lot of space. Such a great tactic of reusing boxes after a move in York, right?

    DIY project with cardboard.
    Use imagination and make fun decoration for your party.

    Party decoration

    If you’re still in the middle of the move to the beautiful city of York but have a birthday party coming, don’t worry. Even dough York has its numerous benefits like gorgeous history parts and parks, a new life chapter can’t begin without a housewarming party too. If you could do it all in one, that would be your best option surely, but at least we can say that decoration shouldn’t bother you. With all those boxes, you can make many shapes of decoration. Write down letters, paint, cut, glue on the ribbon and there you go. Confetti can also be done using these boxes. Just have the patience to cut them all, and that’s it. The last thing you have to think about is transporting all those boxes to your house because we’re pretty sure residential movers can do the work for you.

    Picture frames

    Yes, it can be done, and it can be highly useful. Usually when people move to their new houses, details such as picture frames are in the last place on the shopping list. Well, if you love to hang your vacation photos at home and collect memories, this is a solution for you. For this DIY project, you’ll need boxes that are not made from thin cardboard. Cut it in the frame shape and decorate by taste. Use markers, stickers, or glitter, and that’s pretty much it. You’ll have more new frames available, so now you can enjoy and hang more pictures taken in the city of York.

    Picture frames on the wall.
    If you’re still missing picture frames, you can make them using cardboard.


    By applying the advice from above, you will lower the trash quantity that goes directly from your home. Maybe you’re unaware of that, but these boxes can be useful. From storing to party decoration, reusing boxes after a move in York will enable you more creative projects and activities that could be done with your kids. Why not make a funny project and spend some time outside in the new backyard? We’re sure you can find more alternatives when our movers York ME deliver boxes to the new address. Be sure they won’t get damaged, so they will be more than suitable for reuse. Just feel free to contact them as soon as you decide to move, and start planning new DIY projects with boxes. We’re sure they’ll be amazing.



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