Ideal places for family time in New Hampshire

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    New Hampshire, know also known as a Granite State and as Switzerland of America. It is considered the 2nd best place for living in the US. Located in the New England area, it has big towns and also the pristine expanses of wilderness. New Hampshire is known for its excellent and tranquil life quality. Also, the crime rate is very low. Thus, there are many places for family time in New Hampshire. Visiting, you will enjoy many interesting places. However, NH can also offer many job opportunities and high-quality schools. And those who decide to move can easily find and hire Fit 2 Move. With their help, your move will be easy and affordable.

    Portsmouth is one of the ideal places for family time in New Hampshire, with boats on the water, picturesque houses, and greenery.
    Portsmouth is one of the ideal places for the whole family.

    There are many places for family time in New Hampshire

    There are many places that your whole family will enjoy visiting. You can choose to visit sandy beaches. Or you can go for a trip to National Forest in the White Mountains. There, you can enjoy winter sports. Also, in the White Mountains, you may see black bears, moose, and other wild animals. And all that from the safety of the cog railway, that climbed up to Mt. Washington. But, this is just a part of the many attractions that you will enjoy in New Hampshire.

    The best places for family to visit in NH

    Preparing to visit New Hampshire with the family will take a lot of consideration. With so many places to see, it is not easy to choose just a few. And you could be concerned about missing to see something truly interesting. So, we have prepared a shortlist of the places where the visitors usually go.

    Also, after the visit, you may decide to become a resident. In that case, you will have ample time to visit the whole state. And hiring services of movers Southern NH will make your relocation an easy event.

    Enjoy family time in Salem’s Canobie Lake Park

    Canobie Lake Park is one of the most popular kid-friendly places in Salem. It is located near some of the best family hotels in NH. The park was first opened more than 100 years ago. However, the management was always following innovations. So, it is not only operational today. It is also meeting the highest family entertainment standards. And you can be sure that your kids will enjoy the park’s roller coasters and water slides.

    Beach in NH with ocean, sandy beach, people, and houses on horizon.
    Hampton Beach is one of the best family beaches in NH.

    Visiting the USS Albacore in Portsmouth is one of the ideal places for the whole family

    The visitors are allowed to enter the USS Albacore submarine. It was once the top-secret research vessel for the US Navy. Both kids and adults are delighted with this visit. They are all allowed into the control room. In there, they can learn about submarine navigation and the use of the periscope. As this is a self-guided tour, visitors are encouraged to listen to the audio recording about the submarine.

    This city is also the home of the moving companies Portsmouth NH. It is good to memorize this in case you decide to move to this very attractive city.

    Visiting Aviation Museum of New Hampshire in Londonderry

    This is another attraction where the whole family can be entertained. The museum is open for the family with kids of all ages. Even if you are not very fond of aviation, you will have a good quality family time there. And you will learn some interesting things at this expo.

    Having the exciting family time of the self-guided adventure to the White Mountains

    New Hampshire is a true paradise for nature lovers. One of the ways to have exciting family time is by visiting the NH’s most exquisite natural features. We are sure that everyone will be mesmerized by the White Mountains’ majestic waterfalls. Following the well-marked hiking tracks, you will easily find the designed campground places. And don’t worry about safety. This part of the White Mountains is a perfectly safe area.

    We are sure that you will enjoy camping in this piece of paradise. And if you decide that moving to NH is your next step, you won’t be the first. Many families made such decisions after visiting the White Mountains.

    Hampton Beach is one of the best places for family time in New Hampshire

    Here, you will have good quality family time. You will enjoy the miles-long sandy shores. Also, there are many ocean-front facilities. So, besides the sun, blue sky and clear water, you may enjoy many other entertainments. Also, in the evening hours, you can visit the Seashell Amphitheater. It is close to the beach. And there you can watch shows that will entertain the whole family.

    Family sitting at the summit and enjoying the scenic view.
    A family enjoys a view from Cannon Mountain.

    Riding the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway in Franconia is another Hew Hampshire family adventure

    You can take a ride by cable car to the 4,080-foot summit of Cannon Mountain. During the ride, you can enjoy an ariel view. At the summit, you can enjoy the scenic view. And also, you can get some refreshments at the visitors’ cafe.

    Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover will be especially attractive to young family members

    The whole family will have an interesting time in this New Hampshire Museum. Still, the strongest impression it will leave at your youngest members. This museum is designed to ignite creativity. With bad weather outside, you can always find refuge in this interesting place.

    In case you are an artist, or working in that field, this could be an interesting place for you. You may decide to try your luck in this place. If so, the commercial movers can easily help with the transition of your business to this area.

    There are some more places for family time in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire is having so many interesting areas. And it can offer so many ideas and entertainment. Here, we will give a shortlist of a few more places worth seeing.

    • Candia’s Charmingfare Farm
    • Lincoln’s Alpine Adventures
    • Lincoln’s Hobo Railroad
    • The Inn at East Hill Farm
    • Lake Winnipesaukee
    • Sleepaway Camps in the Northeast

    The list of the ideal places for family time in New Hampshire could go on, and on. You will probably not be able to visit them all during one trip. But we are sure that this visit will leave a lasting impression on you. And that, if not moving to NH, you will at least visit it again. So, here is a short guide that can help you. When you are planning your next visit, it can help you to identify some more places you would like to see in this beautiful country.



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