How to store musical instruments in your NH storage unit

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    Maybe you have decided to relocate. So you will need some extra space and a storage unit. Or you may have found a musical instrument in your old items. Whatever the case is you need to store your musical instruments properly. Because the chances are if don’t store them in the right way, they will be damaged. And that’s beyond repair. So you have a musical instrument that you’re looking to set aside for a while. You need to make sure you read this musical instrument storage guide. If you own a musical instrument, you know how expensive is. So, proper storage can be an essential step in keeping your instrument in great shape.  That’s why Fit 2 Move is here to guide you! And help you store musical instruments in your NH storage unit.

    Reasons to store musical instruments in your NH storage unit

    There are many reasons for storing an instrument. For instance, you want to put away an instrument that you plan to pass on to your children. Or you want to take care of your instrument if you’re a member of a band. For those who live in a small home and are in a band, keeping musical instruments can be inconvenient. Because keeping guitars, amps, and drums in your home may not be impractical. The good thing is that the storage unit can provide a solution to keep your instruments safe. And also easily accessible. No matter the reason for storing an instrument, it’s important to know how to store it. And in the correct manner. A few easy tips by moving companies Portsmouth NH can help you in a long way. It is good to know how and where to store musical instruments safely.

    Prepare a musical instrument for storage

    When you chose to place a musical instrument in storage, it’s not enough to just put it in its case. You will definitely need to do more work. That is if you’re intending on storing a musical instrument for a long period of time. Or you may need to put it away for a short period of time. In that case, be sure to use short-term storage carefully. Wherever you place it, you should make sure that your instrument is in a location that is safe. It doesn’t matter if your musical instrument is in a hard case. Because it can still sustain damage if something falls on it. So, you should place it somewhere safe. Where it will be kept away from UV lights. And also somewhere where you can limit any potential environmental damage.

    Pencils near phone and notes
    Get informed and prepare to store musical instruments in your NH storage unit

     How to store musical instruments in your NH storage unit

    Remember to keep instruments off the floor. Because of the fluctuations of temperature. That can be harmful to musical instruments. It is a good idea to keep pianos too from the floor. You can do so by using casters. Or wooden pallets. Make sure to arrange shelves. Since it helps you to store your instruments on flat surfaces. And off the ground too. If you have guitars or stringed instruments, you can ask for wall space. From which to hang your musical instruments. That way you will reduce the possibility that the instrument will fall over. Also, musical instruments should be kept out of drafts and doorways. So, the best place to keep them is in the middle of the room. Hence they will be farthest away from temperature changes. Furthermore, you can always wrap instrument cases in plastic bags. Those materials can also be found for any in-home moving needs.

    Types of musical instruments

    Since any musical instrument, is made of different materials, you need to know how to store it. Here we will mention how to store:

    • Woodwind instruments
    • String instruments
    • Pianos
    • Drums

    Storage store musical instruments in your NH storage unit such as woodwind and string instruments

    Every instrument that can be dissembled into sections should be separated. In order to prevent pressure on the joints. You can place tissue paper between the pads of woodwind instruments. Such as flutes and saxophones. So you can keep pads from becoming sticky. Most importantly, musical instruments should be cleaned before being stored. And you should do it with a clean cloth. and also a vacuum to remove dust and other particles. When you are cleaning any musical instrument, be sure to use the right tools. So you need to avoid household cleaners. Which can be incredibly damaging. Special cleaning cloths can be found at music stores. Also, release the tension on strings before storing stringed instruments for long periods of time! It will help prevent the strings from snapping. Or the neck from warping.

    Violin on a music notebook
    Store your string instruments properly

    Drums and Piano Storage

    For drums, it is a good idea to loose the skins. Thus it will help keep those instruments from stretching. On the contrary, pianos don’t need to have strings loosened. Since they are made to handle tons of pressure. Parts such as piano legs, pedals, and the piano bench should be wrapped in heavy padding. In order to protect them. You can also cover pianos and drums with a tarp.

    Take care of every piano part

    Maintain your musical instruments

    Another good piece of advice is to inspect instruments from time to time. Especially if you’re not able to keep them somewhere with climate control. This is important for wooden instruments. You should regularly check them for insect damage. Which will normally show up in the form of wormholes. This is something that should be taken care of immediately. Normally it is best handled by professionals who can keep the problem from worsening. If you have a valuable musical instrument or set of instruments, you may consider insuring them. Usually, your instrument should be safe from most normal dangers. But things like natural disasters can still result in ruined instruments. That way you can store musical instruments in your NH storage unit without worries.


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