How to pick a date for your family relocation to Dover?

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    When relocating, one of the things that can make moving easier is choosing a moving date well in advance! People don’t consider a time of the year or time of a week important. Actually, it is! It can affect your wallet, stress, time, and a lot of other things. Movers will say the same. Fit 2 Move moving professionals can make your family relocation to Dover much easier and they will help you pick a date. Have in mind that you need to schedule movers earlier! For example, summer is considered busy because a lot of people have their vacations in summer. They use it for moving. It is also important to pick a day of the week and time of the day. As you can see, everything is important when it comes to moving from one place to another.


    Nice weather, no rain, no snow. It seems perfect for moving. And it is easier to move in summer, that is for sure. But, there are some issues here. First of all, it is hard to find reputable movers that are free when you are on vacation or Saturday and Sunday. People don’t like to move when they have to work. And it is normal. When you want a good mover in summer, you need to make an arrangement early. Maybe months earlier. If you wait, you will end up with inexperienced movers, that will not do the job as they should. Learn about moving and movers before you decide to move. Moving companies Dover NH are there for everything you need. Just call them on time.

    Cars on the road
    Traffic jams in summer can make your moving harder


    Winter is a part of the year when people don’t fluctuate too much. It is cold and freezing temperatures can make everything harder. There is a positive thing about all this. Movers are usually free, there are no traffic jams, and it can be cheaper. We don’t say that it will, but it might. Some movers charge extra because of the bad weather, some charge less because they don’t have enough jobs in winter. Don’t choose snowy days if you decide to go in the winter. Cold is ok, but snow can make everything more difficult. Local movers NH are usually available in winter, and they are perfect for your local relocation.

    Winter is cheaper for family relocation to Dover
    Winter is more dangerous and harder


    This is maybe the best solution when it comes to weather and it is also cheaper than summer. The bad side is that kids start going to school then. You can find movers easier and you get the job done before the winter months when it’s too cold and gets dark too early. If you can, this is a nice solution for your move.


    Why you should move:

    • The demand for moving services is still light between March and April
    • The weather is better than in winter
    • People are happier because of the sun and moving can go stress-free

    Why you shouldn’t:

    • Because the school year won’t be finished yet
    • In higher altitudes, snow is still there

    Saturday and Sunday

    Most people don’t work these days. They work from Monday to Friday. That is why they choose these days. Because most people choose these days, movers are busy. It can be hard to find them. If you can’t afford any day from Monday to Friday, call movers weeks earlier and make arrangements. And some charge extra because they are moving you on weekends. As you can see, it can be hard to pick a date for your family relocation to Dover.

    School and Work 

    Moving your kids when they are going to school can also be a problem. They can experience issues with learning and sleeping because of the moving. Especially if you are relocating long distance and you need family relocation to Dover. You must plan this well and find a time that suits your and their needs. After moving they must continue going to school right away. If they make a break, their knowledge and their marks will suffer. When you are in home moving and solving problems about relocation, search for help from experts if you have to.

    Are you selling your current home and buying a new house?

    When selling a home, you depend on the people who are buying it. You can’t predict when is somebody going to buy your home. It can occur maybe in the same week when you make a deal with a real estate agent, or maybe in a few months. A lot of people need cash from selling to buy a new one. This is hard to predict. Your new boss may be flexible on when you can start, but some are not, so remember this when you’re signing your new contract.

    Woman holding a sign SOLD and Sale Pending
    Moving also depends on the day you sell a house

    Calculating How Much Time You Need to Move 

    Now that you’ve decided which date you’ll be moving, now you can use that date as your endpoint and calculate at least eight weeks and start making a moving plan. A twelve-week schedule is ideal, and an eight-week schedule is the minimum time suggested. Schedules of four weeks or less are what you call “planning a last-minute move,”  and that will cause you significant stress and possibly cost you more because moving companies are going to charge more, as well as penalties on leases, plus you may need to take time off work to organize and pack. Some companies and managers don’t like when you stay out of work that often.

    What is the perfect date?

    This is the question that can only be answered by you. Nobody can tell you what is the perfect date! When you need family relocation to Dover, consider everything. Your family, job, your new home, movers, the place you are moving to, are you selling your home, the time you need for moving. Maybe the perfect time will be Autumn, the weekend, early in the morning! But, nobody can force you to choose that date if you can’t. Avoid summers and winter from December to March. On those days, the snow usually falls!


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