Guide to hosting a housewarming party after moving to NH

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    Finally, you have finished unpacking. You put away all the cardboard boxes from the relocation. And you have probably decorated your home just the way you wanted it. One thing that is left to do is to throw a housewarming party! It is an excellent idea to invite your neighbors and get to know them. Of course, you should also invite your friends. So they could see your new apartment. However, this isn’t just any house party. It should special since this could be the first time you gather friends in your new home. And your housewarming party should definitely be remembered. If you are wondering how to make a perfect housewarming party, then you are at the right place. We at Fit 2 Move are here not just for relocation. We are also here to help you get accustomed to your new surrounding. Let’s prepare you for hosting a housewarming party after moving to NH.

    Host a housewarming party after moving to NH

    Above all, don’t stress over the details. That is a secret for hosting a good housewarming party. Your guest, and you as well, should enjoy and have a nice time during the party. Decide who you want to invite. This party can be for adults only. Or maybe you can make a get-together for the whole families. This is more casual than an evening event. And, if you have children, they will probably enjoy it more, since they could play with the kids their age. Here you can see some basic steps for hosting a housewarming party after moving to NH:

    • Prepare your home
    • Invite your guest
    • Choose food and drinks.
    You can always get more ideas from movers Exeter NH for any after relocation events!

    Prepare Your Home

    The first thing you should do is to tidy up your place. After the relocation, there can always be some excess dirt or mess to clean up. Of course, movers Somersworth NH can always help you with removing the transporting material that you used for the relocation. Make sure that you have removed every box that you used during the move. Guest will probably want to have a tour of your new home. So, get basic things done. Like making the beds. putting the clothes away and declutter your living space. If you have children, tell them to tidy up their toys and their playing area. And, as any one of us, you want to be proud of your new home! Hence, your house should be ready to be shown to your friends and neighbors! Feel free to show all of your rooms. They should be opened and accessible. So make every room ready to be presented to the guests. This can also be a good opportunity to decor your house. Put some new pictures, vases, or flowers.

    A person is cleaning the mirror and preparing to host a housewarming party after moving to NH
    Clean your home before the housewarming party

    Invite your beloved guests

    After you have prepared your home, it is time to make a guest list. It is advisable to make a list because that way, you will make sure not to miss anyone. And, if you have enough space, you shouldn’t make any limits to whom to invite. However, you must think about your guest. Everyone should feel comfortable, enjoy your party and have enough space to move around. A nice way to show your presence is to invite your new neighbors. You should definitely get to know them. Then think about your friends, family members, and co-workers. Try not to gather people whom you know that they won’t get along with. Your beloved ones should enjoy in your home. So choose your guests wisely. Everyone should have a great time during the party. You can get a guest book and ask guests to write their names in it. That way you will have nice memories of this occasion. Your moving to NH should be a memorable event!

    Opened notebook with pencil
    Make a guest list

    Choose food and drinks and for your housewarming party

    Choosing the right food and drinks is equally important as inviting the guests. Plan ahead offerings. This can show what kind of host you want to be. For example, think about how would react if a certain food or drink is spilled on your piece of furniture or carpet. If this would upset you very much, then don’t serve it. The alternative is to serve the food and drinks outside. Or make enough space around the serving table for the guest. That way you can save your furniture from stains. Guests should be able to easily access food. Make enough space for the serving table. If you are not sure what to prepare, you can always order catering. But, bear in mind that you should always ask your guest for their food preferences. This is very important. Because, that way, you can find out if one of your guests has food allergies. If you are inviting friends with their families, make special offerings for children. Kids usually have different preferences than adults, when it comes to food. If you have relocated with your child (or children), then ask them what would they, and their friends, like to eat and drink.

    Strawberries on a plate
    Choose the right food and drinks for your housewarming party after moving to NH

    Relax and enjoy your housewarming party after moving to NH

    Don’t stress about your housewarming party. Especially if you are meeting your neighbors for the first time. Try to keep it casual and welcoming. You can always think about some activities and games for your party. But don’t go overboard. Games and activities will probably be a good way to make a nice atmosphere in the house. However, observe your guests and see if they would like to participate in some activities. Also, guests will probably have some party favors. If it is reasonable, and your guest would appreciate it, then do it. For instance, it can be giving one single flower from your garden. Or take a photo of guests. The point of this party is to get people together and enjoy in your new home. Don’t worry if you have a restricted budget. There are always many ways to fit in your budget for hosting a housewarming party after moving to NH.

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