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    Whether you are moving or just trying to maintain order in the house, storage ideas are never enough because an order in the house also means an order in the head. For many years, people most often use plastic to store things in the house, but also storage units. However, a few years back, a lot of people are trying to get greener and look for alternative substitutes for plastic. If you are looking for eco-friendly storage units, you can always inquire with moving companies in NH. As environmental awareness develops, people are increasingly turning to environmentally friendly substitutes for plastic items. By gradually changing plastics for environmentally sustainable materials, we can help our planet.  So, that’s why here we bring you some eco-friendly storage solutions.

    Why it is important to find eco-friendly storage solutions?

    We live in a time when the impact of climate change is growing and becoming more visible. Although the individual is not a big polluter, there are millions of us. That is why it is important to awaken environmental awareness in each individual. Recycling is one of the most important items for environmental protection. In addition, we can try to reduce the use of plastic, using natural materials. As practical as the plastic used to be, we are still aware that it is not healthy for us, but also for our planet. That is why we are trying to develop environmental awareness and find sustainable alternatives to replace plastic. We strive to offer you modern and attractive eco-friendly storage solutions without plastic.

    Cardboard boxes on the table
    Cardboard boxes are one of the best eco-friendly storage solutions.

    What to look for when looking for green storage solutions?

    To be able to say that a solution is eco-friendly, we must first know what makes it environmentally friendly. It is the material from which it was made. Therefore, eco-friendly packaging is a modern and environmentally sustainable solution because it is made of biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials come from nature, and can always be returned to it. Thus, eco-packaging, once used, can be recycled, and new packaging can be made from the resulting material.

    Eco-friendly storage saves money

    People are often afraid that any major change towards environmentally friendly solutions is expensive. This is usually not the case. There are many ways to be green without having to spend money. All you have to do is recycle or find new ways to use old things. In the case of storage or packaging, these can be very useful tips and do not cost you anything. If you organize yourself smartly, there are many ways to help the planet without even saving money.

    Storing things in warehouses simply becomes eco-friendly

    If you are moving and want to store some things or just have a surplus of things in the house at the moment, it is best to call one of the moving companies. They can offer you short term storage NH. Combining clean and safe storage units with boxes of sustainable materials brings a completely green result. That is why we offer you the three most practical eco-friendly storage solutions.

    1. Cardboard boxes
    2. Wooden boxes and crates
    3. Canvas bags and sacks

    The most important feature of these is that they are made from natural materials that can be recycled. In addition to this, there are of course different types of wicker baskets, as well as glass packaging. However, these three solutions are the most practical because you can use them multiple times for different purposes.

    Wooden chest for storing things
    In addition to being beautiful, a wooden box is great for storing things.

    Cardboard boxes are the easiest to find

    Cardboard boxes are one of the best options for creating ecological packaging. The material itself is light, it is easy to shape. As the most important characteristic of cardboard packaging is biodegradable. The disadvantages of cardboard are usually flammability and sensitivity to moisture. But modern technology creates cardboard packaging that stands in the way of these shortcomings. They are making multi-layer cardboard packaging, which is completely safe and practical to use. Cardboard packaging boxes are the most practical because they are the most common and cheapest to use. What’s more, almost every moving company in Portsmouth NH will be able to offer you great storage boxes. Another thing that goes into the advantage of using boxes is that they are light so they are easier to carry.

    Wooden boxes and crates are durable

    For long-term storage of things, the best material is wood. If you make an effort to put your things in wooden boxes, they will be safe and perfectly preserved. The advantage of using wooden crates is the natural material from which they are made, as well as their durability. Therefore you can find quality wooden boxes that are quite old. However, what stands out as a disadvantage of these products is the weight of the box itself and the flammability. If you choose a good Durham NH movers you don’t have to worry about it. Movers can take care of transporting your things in boxes to safe storage units.

    Linen bags are a great solution for storing clothes

    Different types of canvas bags are suitable for storing your belongings. These are perhaps the most practical solutions when it comes to storing clothes. Packing in linen bags is easy. The great advantage of this method of packaging is that the bags can be easily removed when not in use. And they are easy to carry during use. If they get wet they will not be damaged. One more advantage of linen bags is that you can always wash them and use them for other things. That is why this is one of the best eco-friendly storing solutions.

    Wicker baskets are an excellent eco-friendly storage solution
    Knitted baskets can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your interior.

    Some more eco-friendly storage solutions for your home

    There are so many more eco-friendly storage solutions for your home. It only takes a little imagination to see how many things you can reuse. You can use empty food jars to store dry food. Although we try to use plastic as little as possible, sometimes its use is in favor of ecology and nature conservation. Use old plastic bowls to store some little things. Various types of wicker baskets are also a good idea to store things. Choose the one you like – a hand-knitted basket made of recycled magazines, baskets made of bamboo, baskets made of jute and seagrass, as well as rattan … They come in various sizes and shapes and are extremely decorative. As you can see there are many eco-friendly storage solutions, you just need to choose the ones that suit your wishes and budget.



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