Common moving scams to look out for

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    Having a reliable moving company is crucial to a successful relocation process. That’s why you want to have professionals that are trustworthy and reputable. However, there are many companies that are frauds and serve only to scam you. For that reason, make sure to go through the moving companies NH carefully and with attention to all the details. Here are some moving scams to look out for and what are some easy ways to recognize them in advance.

    If a company requests a large deposit, it can be a huge red flag

    A deposit is usually just a measure in case of big moves. On top of that, it won’t even be such a big deposit as there’s no need for it to cost you much. You can recognize a scam if a company requests from you a huge deposit. When you’re relocating with movers Rochester NH you won’t have to pay such a big price. On the other hand, the main goal for scammers is to get as much money from you. Don’t even look at such deposit requests and turn your back. In the worst-case scenario, that company can hold your belongings hostage until you pay the deposit.

    Money on a white surface
    Large deposits will be a sign of potential scams

    One of the moving scams to look out for is companies that frequently change names

    Moving companies are all about their brands. That’s why it’s important to keep their name and build around them. With frequent name changes, you can start thinking about certain problems and difficulties. Of course, that isn’t a certainty but it is a good sign. If you hire residential movers NH you want it to be from a company with a good reputation and that has years of experience. That’s why a good way to not get into such situations is to watch out for companies that frequently change names.

    In order to scam you, companies will inflate the prices of packing your belongings and packing materials

    When relocating, it’s not just transporting your items from point A to point B. For that reason, moving scams to look out for is when companies inflate prices that are too big when it comes to packing for example. In order to scam you, they will charge you a lot of money for a small task. Be it for short term storage or usually packing, you will have a huge rate or price for it. This will usually be a trick that scammers use to make money from you. For that reason, make sure to check out all the rates of the company beforehand, and inform yourself as much as you can.

    One of the most common moving scams to look out for is when a company offers you a blank contract

    Whatever the industry, contracts are extremely important. Above all, they are a sign of obligations that both parties took on. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go through it a couple of times. And of course, don’t let a company make you sign a blank contract. If you do so, this will open you up to a sea of trouble. Because this will mean that you agree with their work and pricing, and they have your signature as proof. Always check the contract for any problems and fine print. This can save you from a lot of headaches and problems.

    A person signing a contract
    Moving scams to look out for usually, include you signing a blank contract

    Don’t trust estimates that seem to be too good to be true

    Among the things that can be helpful to you are moving estimates. People, families, and companies usually take 5-6 of them from different companies to find the company that will offer you the best price. Of course, they serve clients to get the best quality of work to price ratio they can. However, clients usually will choose the cheapest offer which isn’t always the smartest choice. Especially if the price is incredibly low. remembers, moving companies are businesses. They work for a profit, if the rates and prices are extremely low, you can be dealing with scammers. When going through quotes and estimates have tt information in mind.

    Always have an eye out for potential hidden and additional fees

    Other big details when it comes to estates are the rates and pricing. For that reason, it’s important to watch out for even the fine print. Be it an estimate or contract you need to have clear information before you give the green light for the move. Only by doing so can you really be sure that you’re dealing with honest and trustworthy movers. However, additional fees are not a scam, especially if someone explains to you what they’ll be. When those fees double or triple the original price of the quote, and the fees seem unreasonable, you might feel as if you’re getting scammed.

    Moving scams to look out for are avoidable if you ask the company for the necessary licenses and documents

    There’s nothing better to make you feel better about your moving company than for it to have the necessary licensing and insurance. scamming companies just won’t have the necessary documents to make them look legitimate and trustworthy. For that reason, always ask your company for everything you need. A good idea is to check the Better Business Bureau and other similar websites as they have reviews of reliable moving companies. If a company is hesitant to show you its licenses, it can be a huge red flag.

    A mover talking about moving scams to look out for
    Make sure you’re dealing with reliable movers

    Choosing the right company is going to be very important for the success of your move. On the other hand, it will be even more important to steer away from scammers and sub-par companies. That’s because they can make your relocation process a nightmare. Thankfully, we have underlined some moving scams to look out for when moving. We’re sure that if you pay attention to all of these details, moving won’t be as difficult for you.


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