Benefits of Decluttering Before Moving In Together

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    There’s always the question of what to pack, how much, and whether or not you actually need something. People tend to go overboard with overthinking as the moving day approaches, or they need to finish packing. Do I actually need this? Or that… the list just goes on! The most popular solution, and the one that is the most simple, is to simply declutter. Get rid of the things you don’t want, need, or otherwise won’t use. There are multiple benefits to doing this. Most certainly, you will pay less for the moving companies NH offers. Most movers will calculate your moving quotes based on the distance and the weight of your items. Fewer items will mean a lower price, to just name one of the best reasons. But there are other important reasons to consider decluttering before moving in together.

    You two are going to have lots of the same items if you do not declutter before moving in to live together

    This is going to create an absolute mess once you move in together. Do you really need the 10 cups that each of you brought? Or the twenty spoons… and so on. The list can really go on and on, naming things that you really won’t need. This is fine if your new place is large and has lots of storage space, but it is otherwise going to be a problem. You will need to find a place to store all the items, and you will rarely get to use all of them – if ever. That is why it is a good idea to declutter on time after communicating and settling down on what each of you needs. While this seems pretty logical and common sense, lots of pairs find themselves with twelve sets of cutlery just because they forget each one is going to bring theirs.

    A nice looking room with some book shelves and a sideboard, as it underwent decluttering before a couple moved in to live there.
    Creating a new home for you and your partner requires some decluttering before moving in together to make sure you’re going to have enough space for your new life.

    What to do with your items?

    What you need to do instead is sit down and talk about the packing. Who is bringing what? How much of it? Settling down on these simple matters is going to allow you to have a more seamless relocation. This is going to allow you to declutter and get rid of the rest of the items. That does not necessarily mean you are throwing them away, there are various other options to consider. For example:

    • Donate them to a local charity or an NGO. Lots of organizations are going to need a variety of items you might have at home. Research online and see which ones you like.
    • Gift them to your family and friends. Maybe someone else can have a better use for your items, so it is a win-win situation.
    • Organize a garage sale and earn some money while getting rid of your stuff. That is also a great way to earn some money through decluttering before moving in together and your other expenses suddenly jump because of it.
    • Put things that have meaning to you yet you rarely use in short term storage facilities and save them from any potential damage or deterioration over time.
    A sign for a garage sale
    Organizing a garage sale is a great way to sell your things and earn some money for your relocation.

    You’re keeping the costs down by doing this

    Moving across the country, or even within the state can be an expensive ordeal. Naturally, this is going to depend on lots of variables, but the amount of your items is always one of them. By decluttering and getting rid of anything you do not need, you are going to receive a more generous moving quote. Moreover, if you combine your decluttering with a garage sale – then you’re in for a really good deal. You can expect to write a much smaller paycheck to the local movers NH offers. Also, since both you and your partners are doing it – it means double the profit. And you can also do this with all sorts of items. Your old clothes, old things you got for your pet that it doesn’t need anymore, and so on. Be creative about it.

    You are also going to need a lot less storage space in your new home if you declutter before moving in together. That means you can buy a smaller place. Research minimalist home ideas to get a grasp of what you can achieve. While decluttering is certainly not connected to minimalism – it often is. When people choose to go the minimalist route, they most often throw away things they do not need. But lots of people do it for other reasons, too – so do not let this keep you from cleaning your space.

    You can declutter before moving in together with your partner to save some time on packing

    Do it together with your partners, by helping each other with what they are going to need. This is also a good chance to discuss whose things you are going to use. You can get to know each other more closely by doing this, so it is not a bad idea in any case. You are also going to learn more about each other by learning what we keep at home and for what reasons. And, when it’s time to move – call your company of choice that offers moving services NH. You are going to pay less, pack faster, and have an overall good experience because of it. There is also a fun 12-12-12 challenge. Find 12 objects that should be donated, 12 that need to be thrown out, and 12 to be restored to their rightful place. What’s a rightful place? It’s for you to decide!

    Brown Leather Bag, some clothes and a laptop someone is packing
    The more you declutter, the less time you’re going to spend packing.

    Decluttering has multiple benefits for your mental health

    Lastly, the benefits to your mental health cannot be underestimated. Living in a cleaner, brighter and less-packed space is great. You are going to have a more beautiful home and more space in your life. You can fill the extra space with new memories you are going to make with your partner after moving in. Who knows? Maybe you are going to buy the exact numbers of mugs you got rid of before moving in. But at least they are going to mean something important to you now. Perhaps you are going to fill your fridge with new magnets from all your vacations with your loved ones. That’s the beauty of decluttering before moving in together.



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