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    Moving in general is a complex and hard process. We understand that moving from Portsmouth to York only involves a 10-mile drive but even that can feel like a thousand. To reduce the moving stress, you’ll have to make a good plan before you start packing, talk to your family members, prepare your kids for the move and gather useful information about your new neighborhood. However, moving to York in 2022 might be one of the best decisions you have made. That’s why our movers NH would like to help you out! We have created a simple guide to help you relocate from Portsmouth to York. So buckle up and let’s get moving!

    Why are people moving to York?

    York isn’t as big as New York or any other city, but it still attracts people. The city itself has 13,000 people and the main reason why people are moving here is the Atlantic Ocean. This little place is nestled in the Gulf of Maine and is famous as a summer resort.  The most famous beach is Long Sands Beach and there are a lot of resorts like Norseman Resort, York Beach Surf Club, and Cliff House Maine, just to name a few. So if you’re enjoying summer, beach vibes, and nice weather throughout the year then York is definitely a place to be. Moving companies Portsmouth NH are really having a lot of work because York is more and more popular day by day. So this would make it perfect for people who like working in the sea-related industry, seniors, and freelancers.

    The reason why moving from Portsmouth to York is good for seniors is that York is cheaper than Portsmouth. For example, house utilities are 14.6% more expensive in Portsmouth than in York. As the best movers York ME, we can tell you that transportation is perfect.  Gas is on average $3.7/ gallon and there aren’t any traffic jams like in big cities. There are open positions at Trader Joe’s, Grade 5 Elementary Teacher – Long-term Substitute, Nike Kittery Retail Sales Associate Full-Time (“Athlete”), Delivery Associate – Drive Your Own Car, etc. If you need a temporary job there is currently a bookseller position at Barnes & Noble; and one remote position Customer Service Representative at Sig Sauer.

    A house near the lake;
    Just take a look at York it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Fun things to do in York

    The first after you settle down that you must visit is Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse. This one is considered to be the most photographed lighthouse in the US. Another famous thing is Cliff Walk, where you’re literally walking alongside the cliff and the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s good for your health as it’s exercise and it’s absolutely beautiful. If you’re more of a mountain person there’s a Mount Agamenticus nearby where you can go hiking and it’s popular for biking too. Wiggly Bridge Distillery is one of the places that whiskey lovers will just adore.

    Create a moving plan

    Before you start moving you should download a template or checklist online. If you want you can create your own or use any from our blog sections.  As local movers NH likes to say without a good plan there isn’t a good move, just like in any other aspect of life. So let’s get started:

    • Contact the moving company once you find out the date
    • Order packing materials or arrange this with the moving company
    • Start decluttering
    • Put all the tasks on paper or in a virtual document
    • Prepare for the moving day
    • Prepare food and explore the area of York online
    A woman holding an Ipad with a weekly planner app opened;
    Making a plan is important but sticking to it is even more important.

    We know that some chapters sound silly like exploring the area but you should do it; especially your neighborhood or visit it a couple of times before you move in. If you want to pack your kitchen on your own for a local move, why not give it a try? But if you don’t have the necessary skills or tools, think about hiring pros; they’ll do their job much faster.

    Decluttering is a key to a successful move

    Decluttering is such an important part that if it isn’t done correctly you can have a lot of problems. Now let’s start with methods there are 3 most common methods. The first one is 1-year-method  where you’ll simply throw away things that you haven’t used for a year. The second is the 20/20 method which states that you should throw away all the things that are worth less than $20. Third and probably the best one is a five-box method, where you’ll separate things into different categories (boxes) to declutter easier. These categories are highly adjustable and can be added or removed depending on your personal preference. The top 5 categories are usually: move(keep), throw away (recycle), donate, sell and store. Now you just need to find the right movers.

    Finding the right movers

    When moving from Portsmouth to York, most people will try and find the best movers online. That’s quite the reason because everything is on the Internet these days. So look for the companies that have good reviews or the companies that come recommended for you. For our moving and packing services, you can check our website and schedule a free moving estimate.

    A professional mover learned on a van, while thinking about moving from Portsmouth to York.
    Pros will do their job in no time and you won’t even feel a thing while moving from Portsmouth to York.

    That would be it for this article. Thank you for reading we hope that it helped you. Now let’s take a quick recap of this guide. So first of all download, create, or make a checklist/plan. After that, you should start decluttering, and as soon as you find out when you’re moving from Portsmouth to York, call the movers. After that start packing or hire pros to do it for you. Finally, double-check everything and enjoy the trip. We hope that you found this information useful and have a stress-free move.


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