7 winter storage tips

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    Whether you have decided to declutter or you are downsizing your home, storage units are the best solution for keeping your items safe. Even though your items are in a safe storage unit, you still need to learn a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your items in great condition during winter. Winter temperatures can damage a lot of things if you don’t take precautions. For this reason, before transferring your items with moving companies in NH, read our article. We have prepared seven winter storage tips that will help you keep your belongings in perfect shape.

    snow in the city
    If you follow our winter storage tips your belongings will survive the winter.

    Our 7 tips for winter storage will help you save your items for a long time

    Winter is not the same in every state. In some parts of the country, winter temperatures can go below the freezing point, while in others the winter temperatures are mild. Nonetheless, you will have to take some precautions before storing your items in the wintertime. Here are seven tips that will help you with storing your items during the winter.

    1. Clean your items- no matter what you decide to store make sure to clean them. If you store dirty things, mold and mildew will appear which will damage your items.
    2. Protect your items- This is an important step that will ensure the total safety of your items during transportation to the storage unit.
    3. Prevent moisture- Elevate your boxes with pallets to avoid moisture damage. During winter the ground can get damp and the moisture can damage items that are in the boxes.
    4. Learn what not to store- Electronics shouldn’t be stored in a storage unit during the winter that is not climate controlled. This is why you should rent a short term storage NH for these kinds of items.
    5. Form a wall- that is a great hack that will help you protect your most fragile items. Form a well with items that aren’t temperature sensitive to protect items that are.
    6. Opt for climate-controlled storage – Climate controlled unit is the best for storing any kind of items. You will have a perfect temperature and will not have to worry about your items getting damaged due to harsh temperatures.
    7. Isolate your storage space – If you are storing items in a garage or a basement, then you will need to isolate that space. You can use your old cardboard boxes for that.

    What are the most common things people store during the winter?

    Clothes and furniture are definitely the most common things people store during the winter. Using your storage unit to keep your summer clothes is a great way to optimize your wardrobe space. You have less clutter and only the clothes you need in your closet. Before you put your clothes away to the unit of your choice it is imperative that you wash them. It is better to remove any stains you might have now because in a few months that maybe not be possible.

    Also, cleaning your clothes will remove odors, which can attract pests and bugs. So in order to avoid this make sure you wash and dry everything before sending it off to your storage with Durham NH movers.  Moreover, avoid cardboard boxes and opt for plastic containers. They are perfect for clothes. They are sturdy enough to survive the transportation and hard enough to not be eaten by any insects.

    people packing clothes for winter storage
    Plastic boxes are the best for storing clothes during winter periods.

    Outdoor furniture is an important piece of the garden during spring and summer, but what to do with it and how to store it during the winter? Let’s find out. Of course, like every other item you need to clean your furniture before transferring it to one of the storage spaces moving companies Portsmouth NH has to offer.  If you have metal furniture, remove the rust to prevent it from future damage. You can scrub your furniture with a brush and spray it with silicone sealant spray. This spray is great at protecting metal pieces. You can put pillows and furniture covers in vacuum bags. This is going to keep them in pristine condition.

    What storage options you can consider during the winter except for climate-controlled storage?

    Storing some of your items in the garage is more than ok if you live in a place whit temperature that doesn’t go too much below freezing. This type of storage is even better when it is well isolated. If the cold air can enter frost might develop which is not good for your items. To block the cold air from entering use old cardboard boxes. This is a cheap solution, yet an effective one.

    The next solution you have is a traditional storage unit. You can choose between indoor and outdoor storage. During the winter indoor storage is more suitable. However, if you have only outdoor storage options you can make it work by protecting your items as much as possible.

    cardboard boxes
    You can use your old cardboard boxes to isolate your storage space.

    If you use winter storage tips your items will survive the harsh winter weather

    Winter, with summer, is one of the months that people are most likely to store their items. You want to put away things for the next year and make some space in your home. But you should know that winter is considered to be one of the riskiest months for storing. However, with our winter tips you have nothing to worry about, if you apply everything we have presented you, you will be fine. The more you protect and prepare your items for storage the longer they will last. Furthermore, the biggest piece of advice anyone can give you is to rent climate-controlled storage. They are definitely worth every penny.  With a storage unit like this, you can sleep tight knowing that your items are safe and well-protected at all times.



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